Daily Inspiration #338 by Loui Nydelius

Hi Steve, I have been following your site for quite some time now and I keep coming back! The reason is I really like your articles and your “daily inspiration” posts. All of the over 300 great photographers sharing their work on your site has given me a lot of inspiration, which is why I now hope I can return the favor. I am a 27 year old engineer from Gothenburg, Sweden.

Two weeks ago my X-Pro 1 and 35mm 1.4 lens arrived just in time before my vacation trip to Egypt. Needles to say I was very happy to be able to bring this exciting new camera with me! So I packed my Fuji and my Leica X1 and took off.

Now finally back home again I can certainly say that the X-Pro 1 is super fun to shoot with! I generally prefer not to use a flash so the high ISO performance of the Fuji suits me very nice. For me the X-Pro 1 and the 35mm has everything I want in a camera system. It is light, so that I actually bother to bring it with me, the lens is fast and most importantly It puts out astonishing picture quality!

The Fuji was without a doubt the camera I used the most during this trip. Sure it has its quirks and the focusing is a bit on the slow side but when I saw the pictures I totally forgot the issues. And since I am used to the Leica X1, I didn’t care about it too much.

I hope I can inspire someone with my contribution. All the images are JPEGs taken directly from the X-Pro 1 with the “Velvia” mode enabled, I just love the colors! If you want to se more photos from my trip please visit my website: www.louinydelius.com

Best Regards

Loui Nydelius




  1. Don’t get me wrong, these colors are nice and all, but the X1 is still a far cry from real Velvia 50 or 100 (not talking about 100F). Check some of Ibraar Hussein’s posts to get an idea. Though, unless you shoot some yourself and look at it on a light table, you’ll never really know what you’re missing.

  2. Geez, I dunno. Two days ago I was ready to jump ship on the X-Pro 1after reading Steve’s review, but these amazing images and photo comparisons to the M9 keep appearing online. If the .jpeg’s are that good what will a high resolution RAW file look like? Especially with Fuji’s new pixel configuration.

    I am still very tempted to purchase this camera; I personally shoot scenic and landscape images mostly – so fast AF isn’t mandatory. And I fully expect Fuji’s first firmware update to fix that anyway.

  3. Love the simplicity of the first shot, are they fishing off the floating bags? The other two shots are very atmospheric.
    The Fuji colour is rich. Enjoyed your post, well done.

  4. The website images seem to illustrate that the XPro1 produces very similar – but subtler – results to the X100 … presumably due to sensor difference, but a family resemblance exists nevertheless.

    Great images. Loui, like Haoyuan Ren, a few posts ago, proves that working through ‘quirks’ and creating superb images is a far better use of leisure time than spending hours arguing about how Fuji (or any other manufacturer for that matter) should improve (sic) their products to suit any one particular individual’s preferred ‘wish list’ of desired features.

    As ever – it’s the pictures, not the camera, that counts. We literally learn far more from the image results on these guy’s websites than incessant comments about how a particular AF system should do this, or that …. just get on with shooting!

    More posts like Loui’s & Haoyuan’s please …!!!!

  5. Nice pictures
    I really like them. I actualy got mine yesterday and look forward to start using it.
    //Leif(remeife) – Gothenburg too πŸ˜‰

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