Daily Inspiration #446 by Wijnand Schouten

Hello Steve,
Since one week i am the owner of my Fuji X100s.
As a X100 owner  i knew what the camera is capable of.
Nevertheless i was really open for the improvements. 🙂
I am starting getting blacker with my pictures while getting more happy and satisfied.
Maybe it has something to do with balance in life..
However i am really happy with the opportunities the camera gives me.
Greetings from Wijnand Schouten


  1. Very good pics, sold my x100, and now I have a sony RX100 II, but I Miss my fuji already after two weeks of sony. Anyone using the new firmware already on his X100??
    Thinking og going back to fuji soon,
    Anyone interested in a brand new Sony RX100 Mark 2?

  2. I can appreciate dark B&W pictures but prefer a natural look.
    As in #3 for example, the use of clarity results in “dirt” spots, as for example the shadow on the side of the nose. It kinda looks like a “smudge” of dirt.
    Clarity does do that to skin.

  3. Post processing gone haywire; for a purpose. As is usual with this approach, the camera used doesn’t matter anymore, except for what the photographer likes to have in his hands.

    • You are right up to a point. The X100 makes me want to take pictures, and can give you confidence to ‘get stuck in’ which Wijnand has clearly done here. You are right any number of other cameras could have got these shots, but would Wijnand have WANTED to with any others? The form of the X100(s) is one of the major things that make it stand out.

      The great lens is a bonus.

  4. There are a lot of X100 owners in the Fuji forum that dislike the X100S trans. These pictures here are so so so dark, that they just fit a horror movie kind of feeling. An X100 would show shadows but with light. Even the kid outdoors with sun shades has so much contrast and black on his face, these pictures look they were painted with black Kohinoor Ink Pen. I love my X100 and now plan to sell my X-M1 and get a X-A1. The trans is too contrasty. It is not photography, these are ink paintings, jet black.

    • I have the X100S myself and shoot a lot of B&W. In my view the photos shown here are post processed to look so dark. The X100S default B&W settings are nowhere near this contrasty.

    • This is a matter of taste with the colour of photos, I use a Fuji X Pro1, I use Photoshop or Lightroom to adjust my black & white photos to my own taste. You can use those editing software to enhance the shadow or contrast of your photos, etc, Do you understand these procedures or you just take photos straight from the camera without editing ? I find the main difference between X100 & X100s is, one with AA filter, one without. That means the X100s image is sharper, like X Pro1. All the rest, is a matter of taste, you can do the editing.

  5. I can certainly see you go for a particular aesthetic and appreciate them for what they are. Personally I think you’ve got two even more exciting pictures in numbers 1 and 2 when you bring your subjects out of the shadows a bit.

  6. Your first image is excellent. The second is utterly fantastic. It is one of the all time best I have seen on this sight.

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