Daily Inspiration #163 by John Irwin

I am a huge fan of your site…actually its your enthusiaum and candor that make…This is a shot I took a few days ago in Montrose Colorado…i was on my way from Telluride to Vail and it was one of those situations where I passed this house and it took me about 5 minutes to decide to turn around and go for the shot…Shot it with my Leica d-lux4 f 2.0, iso 80.


  1. Lovely photo, just goes to show, if you know what you are doing, even a compact can turn out great shots.

  2. Isn’t it great when you spot something you really wanna shoot and even tho it’s massivly inconvenient, this urge forces you to make it happen.

    That’s why you should always carry a camera!

    • I had the same urge yesterday, so glad I made the u-turn, the roll isn’t finished but boy I am wanting to finish it early to develop it. Light and subject was perfect in real life and in my mind and hopefully will turn out well.

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