Daily Inspiration #304 by Allan Jocson



I am an avid fan of your website and look forward to viewing the Daily Inspirations and reading your hands-on Camera/Lens Reviews.

With that being said, hopefully my submission to the Daily Inspiration qualifies.

So with some time off from work for the Christmas/New Year’s holidays; I asked myself,

“Self… What the hell did you want to do today???”

With that inspiration, I proceeded to look thru Google for anything interesting happening in the East San  Francisco Bay Area.

I had finally decided to visit the USS Hornet Museum based in Alameda, California.

The colors that were present onboard a mostly Gray Ship was unexpected!!!

I shoot a Pani DMC-G3 in RAW format and love the built in viewfinder for sunny days.

I own the Pani 20mm f1.7 pancake, SLR Magic 35mm f1.7 manual, SLR Magic 26mm and 11mm f1.4 toy, and the stock 14-42mm Pani lens.

I am still drooling over the m4/3 glass that you had featured in your reviews, but am SLOWLY saving up for them in order to NOT completely piss my Wife off (Ouch)….

I would safely say that I use the 20mm about 90% of the time and that I am a semi-“Newbie” User who is always looking to learn more.

I’ve got more public pics on Google+ under Allan Jocson.

Hope you and your readers enjoy the pics…

Thanx much,




  1. Great shots. Is the last one HDR? No.1 is fantastically composed and No.2 is a magnificent juxtaposition. Really good Daily Inspiration! Keep up the good work 🙂

    • I had processed it with Nik filters for Photoshop… It was processed under the “Detail Extractor” filter for Color Efex 4; it was just from one exposure. Thanx for the feedback!

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