Daily Inspiration #230 by Patrick Keegan

Hi Steve,

I decided to mail you some photos for your Daily Inspiration piece.

I’ve been into photography for about a year and a half now, and I’ve always gone for film over digital. I prefer the look of film, and I like the way the cameras don’t get in your way. My pride and joy is an old Leica M6, and I used it to take these pictures at Belfast Zoo. At the zoo, the people are more sometimes more interesting than the animals.

I used a 50mm summicron, and a 35mm summarit.

There’s more of my stuff at http://www.flickr.com/photos/vaguelymanley

I hope you like the shots, and keep up the good work.

Pat Keegan


  1. To All Contributors: I have followed this site for about two months and enjoy it. One of the reasons is that those who comment are positive and helpful, and above all, are kind in their remarks. All of you prove that it is very possible to be constructive and helpful without being caustic. Keep it up!

  2. Guys, thank you all very much for your great comments. Really appreciate it.

    And of course, thanks again to Steve!


  3. Fantastic pics, Patrick!

    Too bad, film developing and processing is getting more difficult to find and costly, especially here in Indonesia. I have been considering to go back to film several times, but ended up with digital for practicality purposes… 🙁

    You are lucky…

    • Andrew, it is expensive, but I shoot so little (probably a roll and a half a month) that it works out not too bad. I think you are lucky to live in Indonesia! Thanks again, Pat.

    • Hi JT. For the B&W shot it was Tri X, and Kodak Ektar for the colour shots. I actually use Ektar very rarely though, as the dull Irish weather usually calls for a fast film – Portra is definitely my favourite. Cheers! Pat.

  4. Very nice pictures Pat! Strange though: I think of my M6 as my new Leica… the last I bought (new) before I retired.

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