Daily Inspiration #102 by Stefano Mattia

TGIF! It’s Friday and no film was developed  today for me so NO Friday film BUT here is a Daily Inspiration shot on film from Stefano Mattia and this was his first self-developed roll of B&W! Congrats Stefano, great shot!

From Stefano:

“Hi Steve,

today I’m sending you a picture which is from my very first self-developed black and white roll. I’m still surprised I got it right from the beginning!

I just started my venture into DIY black and white development and I’m having a lot of fun making experiment with development process and different film types.

I took this photo during Chinese New Year celebrations in Rome, Italy. I spotted this guy wearing this weird mask and couldn’t resist taking a picture of him. The photo turned out looking like a scene from one of those catastrophic movies.

I‘ve used a Pentax MX, Pentax 77mm f1.8 Limited lens and Ilford HP5 Plus.

I’ve got more photos on my website: http://www.stefanomattia.it and on my blog: http://blog.stefanomattia.it

Thanks for your time and keep up the good work on your blog!

Kind regards,



  1. Thanks Paul for your suggestions! And yes, I have been using only one kind of film so far, the HP5+. As you said, I’m trying to get a good grasp of the overall process, from developing to scanning, so that I can consolidate a nominal development chain, and then start deviating a bit here and there and see what happens.
    I still have a lot to learn!

    Also thanks Eric for your comment, and a special thanks to Steve for publishing again a photo of mine!

  2. Stefano

    WOW! What an image! And off your first self developed roll. Very nice.

    Rather than experimenting with a lot of different film types, I suggest picking one and getting to know it. HP5+ is a wonderful film, its one of my favorites, and it is an excellent choice for a starting point. Ilford FP4 is another good choice for slower film speed, since summer is approaching and the sun will be bright. It will be a good idea to buy at least 10 rolls and (one developer) and use it in a variety of situations. Then study your negatives about what you like and don’t like. Taking notes about the shot and the development will help you remember later.

    Have fun and keep going.

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