Some cool links and an M9/75 Summicron pic from today….

Man oh man! I was at the dentist today for 4 hours. Had to have some cavities filled and also had a cleaning while I was there. I hate the dentist. Now half of my face is numb and I am going to wait until later to start writing my next review (Nikon D300s/Canon 7D). I can’t even talk because they had to give me 10 shots to numb me! So until the next review, here are some cool links to check out! Also, the daily inspiration will be up later!

THIS IS COOL! Check out what the E-P2 can do with a Leica 35 Summilux in video mode. AMAZING! This video is over at flickr but man, makes me want to go shoot some video with the E-P2!

Check out  this book shot entirely with a Leica M8!

100 Days in Glacier National Park – A must see!

Don’t miss out! If you have been waiting for the Panasonic GF1 to get back in stock, B&H has it HERE and it is still showing IN STOCK!

Also, want my old Noctilux lens? E-Mail Ken Hansen. He has it for sale for $5500. He also has a new in box Noct and the 0.95 Noct IN STOCK, no waiting. (I make NO money from Kens sales BTW, he is just a great guy/dealer)

My Buddy Seal is hard at work on a new studio album, but at his site he has a cool slideshow of his family and new baby girl, all shots taken by him (except the one with him in it). Gorgeous!

Damn you Apple! I want one!

Silver Efex Pro, the best black and white conversion filter for photoshop is once again in stock at Amazon

My Leica M9 images at Zenfolio.

Lorenzo Moscia, the guy who shared his images with us in Daily Inspiration #29 has made a documentary film. Check out the youtube trailer HERE.

Also, don’t forget to check out my facebook and twitter! Add me as a friend to keep up with all of my social networking updates!

Ways that YOU can help with the Haiti Earthquake Disaster.

B&H PHOTO now has the Leica 21 Summilux and 24 Summilux in stock!!! Now, where is the 50 Lux?

Leica Collectors Guide at Amazon!

Also, I added two new pages to this site in the navigation bar up top – “Articles” and “My Gear” – check ’em out! Also check out my “Who Am I” page for info on becoming a guest writer for the site!

Finally, in case you have somehow missed it Amazon is accepting pre-orders for the Leica M9 and are shipping on a first come, first serve basis. They do NOT charge you until the camera actually ships, so if you want one this is probably the quickest way right now. You can pre-order the black, or the steel grey. Man, wish I had a spare $7k, I would order a 2nd body in grey. One can dream…

Finally a shot I grabbed today of a house I shot before but I like this version much better. Shot with the M9 and 75 Summicron.


  1. Thanks for pointing out that it was your Noct that Ken was selling. It is now heading my way. What a great guy Ken is.


  2. I have a great dentist who does not hurt at all and works fast and who is a great fan of photography and Leica, that is why i also stay four hours but mostly talking about cameras !

  3. Another solution is if your dentist is quite a hot lady + nice to talk to.

    My dentist in Kensington, London even did a good job with my root canal and was really professional as well…

    didn’t really mind the numbness, hehe.

  4. Simple solution for the dentist!
    Take pics! It works for me.
    Fun pictures of my mouth with all sorts of things in there!!

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