Daily Inspiration #38 by Martin Wapenhensch

Here is something different! How about an Iphone image? This shot was taken by a brave Martin Wapenhensch and here is what he had to say about it:

“It depicts a “starting paraglider” at the peak of the Tegelberg mountain in Germany which is the mountain where the famous castle Neuschwanstein is located (http://www.neuschwanstein.de). It was taken last summer after quite an arduous 3,5 hour way up the hill. On the one hand, I like the picture as regards the visual motif (not IQ), on the other hand it proves that the best camera is always the camera which you’re actually carrying with you: it was taken with an iPhone, which I normally wouldn’t dare to call a camera. Normally, I use the Olympus C5050Z for digital travel photography, Canon 30D for people, and Leica M6 for film. Unfortunately, I didn’t use the Leica gear for quite a long time since digital is so much easier.

I slightly cropped and downscaled the original, adjusted the tone values a little bit, and finally did some resharpening using GIMP.”

Excerpt of the EXIF data:

vendor: Apple
camera: iPhone
date: 29.07.2009 12:18:26
aperture: f 2,8
ISO: 70
shutter speed: 1/1905 s
zoom: 3,9 mm Real

Kind regards,
Martin Wapenhensch

Thanks Martin!

You can see more of Martins travel images HERE.


  1. Hi, no you can’t select shutter speeds or aperture on the iPhone (3GS). The exif data are just showing what the iPhone did automatically. The only thing you can do is framing 🙂


  2. I didn’t realize you can select shutter speeds and aperture on an iPhone. I have an older 2G iPhone. Is this something that the 3Gs can do?

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