Leica S2 Now Available for Pre-Order

They must be getting more soon. The $22,000 Leica S2 is now available for pre-order at B&H Photo and Amazon. I figured there may be some of you looking for this camera because I have had e-mails asking me where they are in stock. Your dream camera awaits! Just don’t tell the wife how much it costs 🙂 Ha ha…

PRE-ORDER THE LEICA S2 at B&H Photo also, don’t forget the 70 Summarit to go with it.



  1. @MacSpikes

    Get those lenses now, what was a few thousand is now in the hundreads and will be right back at a few thousand if a digital R is made (and not just some wonky digital back but a full SLR product)

  2. I think Sebastio Salgado is looking for one. LOL! This is a sweet rig, but ouch!

    Dale Photo in Florida has been getting these in the last few days.

    Meanwhile, the M9 is a long wait. LOL!

  3. I have seen the S2 in a shop in Germany (Foto Dinter, München) a few days ago. It looks absolutely marvelous and actually looks more compact than a Nikon D3. Too bad it is so expensive: I am still hoping for a nice digital solution in the R-mount.

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