Daily Inspiration #56 by Martin Yeates

I had received a few images from a Mr. Martin Yeates and all of them were so good I could not decide which ones to put up in today’s inspiration post!  He shot these with a Ricoh GR3 (I really have to try out some of these Ricoh cams) and I have selected two for today. Here is what Martin said in his e-mail:

“I shoot mostly with Olympus four thirds, although up to quite recently was still using analogue as well, I also use a Ricoh gx100, although it’s just been sold and replaced by the latest incarnation the gr 3, this is a real jewel I tend to think of it as the perfect pocket camera. The quality improvement over the gx100 is immense, you should check it out if you ever get the chance, be warned though you may end up buying it… I have attached a few more images for you to view, I hope you enjoy them.”

Thanks Martin for todays inspiration!

Oh, and ytou can see more of Martins work at his website HERE.


  1. Good work Martin !

    @Steve : Steve, you really have to try out The Ricoh GXR with the 33 macro (50 equivalent). You will not be disapointed !

  2. Great shots Martin!

    I too use a Ricoh in the GX200 and they are superb pocket cameras and use mine for my “take anywhere, anytime” camera. Also as you will know with your GRIII, a lot of people don’t realise the option of shooting in “square” format on the Ricoh so it’s like having a pocket Hasselblad too with that option and great to use at times. 🙂

  3. Great photos Martin. Right now I’m shooting with the Oly EP1, and as I wear glasses, I just find the window on the back a little easier for viewing in my old age. The Ricoh seems like a real competitor and I’d love to try one out. I see you like the lone man thing, so do I, it adds depth and a certain mystic to the photo. Keep it going. Thanks

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