Daily Inspiration #60 by Nadja Niemann

Here is one that was submitted to me way back on December 20th 2009! It was sent in by Nadja Niemann and I think it is a beautiful image. This was shot with a Canon 20D and 50 1.8 Lens. You can see more at her blog HERE. Thanks so much Nadja! Very cool image.


  1. Mr Seagull:

    I am sorry to have mistaken you as the filthy street paddling pigeons. For the distance you have traveled you as magnificent as you can be as a creature.

  2. Nadja, This image is the kind that one will remember for a long time. Hard to believe you used such a short lens, congrats!

  3. Oh thank you so much Emily and Lucy!

    So Lucy, – I used to use the 20D – and this shot was taken on the last day I used it properly as my main camera. The next day I got the 5D Mark 2 with the 24-105 kit lens.
    My 50mm 1.8 is my favourite… and a friend is so kind to lend his 50mm 1.2 to me these days, and it will be very hard to return it in a few days time.
    My 10-22 EF-S lens rocks as well – incredibly inspiring lens! – , but won’t fit the new 5D body. So sometimes I have to take both bodies.
    And I have the 28-80mm, which I rarely use meanwhile. (I prefer the 24-105mm lens…)

  4. Nadja i really like your seagull shot, his expression is so good.
    Your blog is very nice to look at too. Can i ask, what other cameras and lenses do you use?

  5. Nadja, the image is intriguing – not quite seen an expression like that before on a seagull. Very nicely captured. Enjoyed the blog as well.

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