Daily Inspiration #106 by David Yang

Happy Monday! I am getting ready to leave this morning for my 3 day drive so I may not be able to post much between now and then BUT one thing is for certain, the daily inspiration posts will be still be posted! Today’s inspiration comes from David Yang with two lovely Leica M9 black & white images. Thanks David!

From David:

“Hi Steve,

I’m your big fans since the first day you run this site and my daily inspiration is stick on it…..i’m sorry for my poor english too..

Anyway i’m just back from 7 days in Huangshan (China) with 2 M9s + (50/1.4a n 90/2aa on each ) with luck took some great photos, here are three photos to share with your reader if you like it you can find more photos at my Blog here


  1. Dave I lived on MT. Emei for two years..so I know how bad the weather can be in such locales…you “earned” these keepers and they are fine indeed…where can I find more of your work?

  2. Is the vignetting of the first picture added or occurred “naturally”?
    Either with or without vignetting these are stunning pictures!

  3. Absolutely love the first one! And we got the same last name:)

  4. I would be so nervous with that expensive of a camera that isint sealed in wet weather. I know price is relative and have no way of knowing what is expensive to another person but that would always be my worry. I could have afforded better then my d90 but my reasoning was if I break it I can always replace it in a pinch atleast.

  5. Hi Ching LU, nice to see you here…what a small world.!!! yes i really enjoy the trip and have a schedule visit again end of this year…

    Eddie, Thanks your times ,i’m happy to report that 2 m9s work flawless under wet,snow n even low temperature(-15c). actully i have been using m8 over last 3 years mainly for salt water fishing photography n no problem at all…..

  6. David. Don’t fool me. These are Chinese classical paintings that you purchased from Sotheby. By the way, does your M9 get wet?

  7. Thanks a lot for posting my picture here Steve, thank you all very much for all your comments, we stay on top of mountin for 4 days can only shoot about one hour the rest time all with heavy rain,fog,snow..

  8. Gosh those are lovely photos! I remember thinking that the exquisite mountains in Chinese painting must be a stylized convention peculiar to Chinese art and not naturalistic at all (like Chinese Dragons and the Dragons of medieval and renaissance European art in their different ways) until I saw photos like these showing that, no, there actually are mountains in China that look like that . Beautiful!

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