Daily Inspiration #167 by Otto Schulze

Hey guys! Just wanted to post  this in the DI section for today as I found some photos that I feel may be the best Leica M9 work I have seen to date. Otto Schulze has been shooting with the Leica M9 for the past 6 weeks and you can see all of his work on his blog. Some great photographs that inspired me so I hope they inspire you. Here are three samples but there are many more on his website so CHECK IT OUT!


  1. jay, to some degree its true, i could produce these with my D3X. at the end of the day its just a image making tool and whether its film or digital or a SLR it doesn’t matter. but with that said the optical ability of the Leica lenses allows one to produce images that I couldn’t ( at least not to the same standard) with my Nikon’s. And let me just say as someone that loved the D3X and have been very happy with the top of the line Nikon lenses, they are not optically nearly as good as the Leica& Zeiss lenses – IMHO. Yes the Leica lenses are insanely expensive but my goodness they deliver. This is so clear to me now as I’m busy editing some Nikon files. The Leica&Zeiss lenses are just superior. With all of that said something does have to be said for the unobtrusiveness of the M9 as well. This really has allowed me capture images close up that I simply could not do with a big DSLR.

    of course we could debate this for hours but this has just been my experience from extensively shooting with both systems.


    • Thanks for the feedback Otto. At the end of the day, all that matters is making good photos – and I certainly love what you did with these! Especially the first one, the warm color temperature works great in contrast with the large amount of white/highlights in the image.

  2. wonderful pictures!! but one could make these with a dslr & lens combo 1/10th the price. and yeah go ahead give me some bs why that’s “not true” if it makes you feel better.

    • I agree. As always it is about psychology and the approach one has. I guess the M9 is the tool with which Otto feels able to do his work. It is like with a dining table. If you don’t like the wood, the colour, the pattern, the form etc. it just does not feel right to sit at it. Others just can ignore these factors and do not care as long as they can use a tool. Of course some lenses have that special look but it would be a shame if not considering the price. I once read a comparison on the internet where people were asked to judge from which camera (compact, dslr, midformat) pictures had been taken with. Nearly no one could differ (sorry I haven’t got the link at hand). So just do the thing you feel right with I guess. Mostly I like Steve’s pics taken with the MFTs or the NEX much nicer than the M9 ones. It seems he has more fun shooting with those. But that is just a guess.

  3. Wow great stuff, another name Leica should add to the list of ppl who shouldn’t have to pay for their Leica goodies =)

  4. Hey there Otto

    Some great shots – up top AND on your blog (I especially liked the football series). They display exactly why I’m going through the changeover…….thank you for the inspiration.


  5. Thanks for the tip, Steve! OS’s pictures are truly terrific (the weddings from which these photos come is one page back in older posts; as soon as I have time, I’m going to work my way further back).

  6. Hey Steve, this is indeed a great set of M9 photos. I love how the metering was done for the skin with the blown highlights just adding more to the charm and dreamy feeling of the photographs (seemed like a tendancy for this photographer from his website). Thanks for bringing these to our attention!!! Konstantin

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