Daily Inspiration #154 by Danny

Steve, As you know i shot with the M8 for 3 years and bought my M9 this year. The M9 is simply great but so are many of the DSLR’s today ‘ what is really uniqe about this camera beside the great Leica lenses is the fact that it forces you to look at things differently ‘ think differently and shoot differently.

Before my Leica era i shot everything but with the Leica i somehow turned into street photography and stayed there

I have used almost every Leica lense until i finally decided to stick with the 35/ cron ASPH which hardley leaves my camera and the 50/ cron ASPH .

This two lenses are simply great, sharp ( witch i love ) small and very light. Both are black as i find the chrome to be sooo ugly

All the best



  1. Chrome is definitely mote traditional if your going got that old school Leica look… But I do love the black ones.

    Nice shots btw. I like how your images all share the same atmospheric tones. Great work 🙂

  2. I love the B&W tones in all of these photos. I actually like the first shot. It’s unique, and kind of funny. I suppose guys would be weirded out by this though. LOL! I like each photo for its own pose. Each one has a moody look to it. Love the guys in uniform. Awesome. The building with all of the glass and light is quite unique too. The family waiting on the bench is timeless.

  3. The second and last shots are very nice. I’m not sure about the first as I find it troubling that someone would take pictures in a restroom. That seems like invasion of privacy.

  4. So it’s the gear again. Any comments on the outstanding, almost old school photojournalism, sometimes graphic, quality of these images? Apparently not… 🙂

  5. I continue to hear others who have settled on this lens combo and I am glad that I chose correctly the first time around! I love both those lenses.

  6. I didnt think there was a 50 cron ASPH ? Though I am a bit of a Leica newbie so I could be wrong ?

    • You are correct, there is no 50 Cron ASPH 🙂 Danny wrote this in his descrip as many think the 50 Cron is an ASPH design, though it is not.

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