Daily Inspiration #62 by Jerome Rey

Today’s “Inspiration” was sent in by Jerome Rey. Love the image Jerome, thanks for sending my way for all to see! Here is what he had to say about it:

“I send you this photo “amicalement votre” for your picture of a day. It is taken with the ZM and a voigtlander 25 mm f:4, wide open at f:4 and around 1/30 s (maybe 1/15s),with kodak tri X 400 iso. It is taken at the café “amicalement votre” (friendly yours) at the first floor of my buiding, in Lyon, France.”


  1. Thanks Elaine and Dan.
    I don’t really have a site internet to show my “work” (it’s a big word) but I’m working on a project of photos of the style of this one, in my area, in the street, in cafés, in the tube… This one is one of my first and one of my favorite.
    I like very much this fuji neopan but usually I have the 400 .

  2. Love this and would love the chance to see more of your work. The Neopan 100 is a wonderful film as you amply demonstrate here.

    Steve, another good pic(k).

  3. Thanks Steve for choosing this photo, and thanks Joseph for the comment.
    Rereading my note, I see that the film was fuji neopan 100 and not triX 400. So there were just enough light for my slow 25 mm.
    It’s a coincidence that you publish this photo today because I gave this morning a print of it to the boss of the café (on the print, the old man is better exposed than on this internet version). He was happy and he went to show it to this old man who is unfortunately at the hospital those days.
    I gave it to the café because they have already a photo of this man and one of his friend (des “piliers de bar” as we say in france, approximatively “pillars of bar”(?)) taken by a professional photographer of the area.

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