Daily Inspiration #81 by Peter Bender

Hey! I’m back! Well, I am still on the road but nestled comfortably in a kind size hotel bed getting ready to get some sleep. I decided that since I had wireless internet, what better than to post a Daily Inspiration! This one was sent in by Peter Bender and was shot in the 70’s on film…here is what Peter said about it:

“The attached photo is one that I clearly remember taking in the mid-70s in Sydney.  The people in the photo were watching a popular Australian band, “The Bushwackers”, who were performing for the lunch time crowds, however there was one gentleman who was more concerned with enjoying his drink.  I hope you enjoy the photo, I certainly enjoyed finding the negative again after 30 years and especially as it was one that I so clearly remember taking.

When I look back at some of my negatives over the last 30 years I’m amazed at the overall quality and dynamic range that they were able to record and wonder why I so readily embraced digital photography entirely. I now realise there is a place for both.

BTW, the photo was taken with a 50 mm lens on either a Minolta SRT-101 or an Olympus OM1. I just can’t exactly remember the date the photo was taken… that’s the problem with film, there’s no EXIF data.

Cheers, Peter Bender


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