Cool Saturday Links, April 24th 2010

It’s Saturday afternoon and out by me it is a gloomy rainy day. So instead of going out and shooting I decided to stay in, clean up the house and surf the web for a couple of hours to see if I could find any cool links! Here are a few that I found interesting:

Cool Links!

Over at the B&H Photo blog you can see a post about the new Olympus firmware for the E-P series and what it improves. The AF seems to be improved the most so I am going to download the FW for my E-PL1 today. Great job Olympus!

I can not wait to see what this will be like in just 5 years. This is pretty freaking amazing though a bit flat. Kind of looks like the old Road Rash video game for the 3DO system (all of you vintage video game buffs will know what I mean) but still, very cool. I bet that we will soon be able to take full 3 Dimensional tours of cities in the comfort of our own home. To see what I am talking about, check out this link where you can see a tour of NYC thanks to Google Earth.

How sweet. Someone found this kitten in a rainstorm and posted pics on the web from the moment she was found to months later showing the cat today.

Super Cool!!! How to make a pinhole camera out of a matchbox. C’mon, someone here has to try this and send me the results!

on the same website (which is actually pretty cool) check out these cakes!

Interesting auction site that sometimes auctions off rare Leica cameras!

Great photo site by one of the readers of this blog. Lovely images!

Another guy who loves his Leica 🙂

I was going to write an article like this but hey, someone already did it 🙂 How to shoot film!

If you are in NYC right now you MUST visit this exhibition at Museum of Modern Art. NYC is so cool. Would love to call it my home.

Used Deals!

BTW, my Chrome 50 cron is still for sale. Had many emails on it asking questions so here is some info. This is a MINT, LNIB Leica 50 Summicron. Its the LATEST version with slide out hood. It is NOT 6 bit coded though (doesnt matter on 50’s anyway). This lens sells new for $1999 but has been found discounted for $1800. This chrome version is no longer made and it is heavier and much more solid feeling than the black. The aperture ring is like silk and the focus ring is smooth. There is no tab on the 50 Crons. This was bought by me a few weeks ago as a new old stock lens. Meaning, it was made years ago but never really used. So its like new with case, paperwork, box, etc. I am only selling due to the fact that I want a black paint lens for my black paint MP. This lens looks good on it but I already have a chrome 50 Summitar. Anyway, I am selling for $1320 shipped. Here is my buy sell ad. Be sure to check out all of the other goodies for sale in the buy/sell! Placing ads is free of course so if you have something to sell go for it!

BTW, speaking of deals. B&H has a used but “9” condition 35 Summicron ASPH with hood for $1799. These go quick as the 35 cron is a legend and sells new for $3k these days. B&H has quite a few used Leica lenses these days. Check out the list on the right in my  “Hot cameras/Pre-Orders/Used Deals” box.

Film, film, film. If you want to shoot film but do not want to spend a fortune then here is an option that can get you into film for CHEAP. I used to own one and it was great, especially for the money. No, its not a Leica but a film camera is not like a digital, they all do the same thing. The quality comes from the lenses but at $179 for a film SLR and lens you cant go wrong!

Finally, I posted about my new Leica Mp the other day and I received a few emails asking how to get in touch with Leica dealer Ken Hansen. You can e-mail him HERE. He sells new and used Leica and other misc classic gear. If you contact him tell him I sent you for the best deal 🙂


  1. “NYC is so cool. Would love to call it my home.” Leica and NYC is the perfect match. Your site would benefit hugely if your base was NYC. If you take a look in the review of 0.95 noct. amazing images. Imagine testing/reviewing leica lenses on a daily basis in the streets of NYC and its people!

  2. Plus, I have a contax T2 on the way from Ken Hansen. I will be looking forward to pitting it against my Hexar, which is also on its way…

  3. Steve, we gotta get you a 50 lux asph, so that you don’t need to maneuver through any 50’s anymore. I have a chrome ‘lux asph, and have been a happy owner for nearly 2 years now. It’s the perfect combo of size, weight, low light, sharpness, versatiliy, and rendering in the M system. You should get a black one…I looked into your magic 8 ball, and that’s what I saw sitting upon your MP.

    On a separate note, my 75 lux is on its way to a new home, as I have been using the 75 cron more….but I did find an absoluate steal on a bokeh king summicron 35 v4….you wouldn’t believe what I got it for…It’s now sitting happily on my MP….

  4. Hey Aldo,

    Funny how you can still be using a film camera that was purchased before you were born huh? Try that with a digital. I have a digital from when my 13 year old son was 7 and I would not dare use it for anything. FIlm cameras last forever if taken care of. Digital cams last a few years but for most, only 1 or 2 as they sell and upgrade them for the latest and greatest.

    Still, I heard some cool info on a new digital RF that may pop up very soon and be very interesting though not from Leica which means it will be much more affordable.

  5. I own a Canon AE-1P and it’s an amazing camera! My parents bought it before I was born and now I use it all the time along with an FD 50mm f1.4 and I can say I can get some great stuff with that gear! Obviously I want a Leica so much, but until I can afford it I am loyal to my amazing AE-1P!

  6. And if you are in London England right now, you MUST visit the Irving Penn exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery 🙂 It is incredible! I just could not take my eyes off of his work. The only disappointment was finding that the catalogue (official book for the exhibit) doesn’t include all the works exhibited, and not my favourite, a photograph of Audrey Hepburn. Otherwise it’s brilliant!

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