AGFA Scala 200 film IN STOCK at B&H

Just got a tip on this. B&H has some AGFA Scala 200 135-36 exposure B&W film IN STOCK. Wasn’t this discontinued a while ago? Anyway, get it while you can!


  1. I have exposed B&W negative films and processed using the DR5 lab in Denver with good results. Just a word to the wise, treat the B&W film when you are shooting as positive film, this is very important. It is not like the old days of over exposing B&W film and under developing to gain shadow detail and retain highlights. You must shoot it as slide film, do not over expose the results are horrible and you must let the lab know of your shooting ASA for correct processing. I would use the films reccomended on their website, I have no experience with the SCALA film results just B&W films.

  2. I was wondering about the processing so I took a look at the spec’s on the B&H site.

    Process: MUST be processed in a Scala film development lab – consult Agfa’s web site for a list of labs in your area

    Steve, that dr5 site looks most interesting. I wouldn’t mind shooting some B&W Slide film in my one 3D camera.

  3. @ Jonathan

    C41 is an amazing type of film. You can shoot a roll that is say ISO 100 and during the same roll, shoot it at ISO 25, 50, 200 and 400, all will come out just fine! I used to think that if you wanted to pull or push a film, you had to shoot the whole roll at that speed and then ask for processing at the pushed or pulled speed. Not so with C41 film. You can mix it up, shoot some at 25, some at 100, 50, 200, whatever and when you finish the roll just hand it in for normal processing at the drug store or lab. No need to tell them anything about the fact that you shot the roll at all kinds of iso’s! They process it normally and they all just come out great. Don’t ask me how or why but it has something to do with the fact that C41 processing is very standardized so the film has a lot of flexibility which roughly means you can shoot in bright day light for a few shots at say iso 50 and then when it gets darker, no problem, just change the iso setting on your camera to iso 200 and keep shooting (a bit like digital) and it keeps working just fine.

    I know, I could not believe it either but it works, believe me! Check out my recent experiment of pulling iso 100 film. These were shot at all kinds of crazy iso’s and developed at drug store normally.

  4. Steve,

    Not sure if scala can be processed reliably these days. It has not been made for years and it’s not clear from el goog what labs can currently process it. It’s not e-6.

  5. Steven – how are you able to pull C41? Do you leave instruction at a lab or do you develop it yourself. Thanks

  6. I would love to be able to buy and store that much film Fergus. If film ever truly dies (doubtful) but if it does I bet the film companies will see there biggest sales numbers of the decade the few days before they stop producing as everyone would stock up like that. I dont even shoot much film but I would still order a few thousand BnW rolls , paper and all the chemicals needed to develop it.

  7. Not sure about Agfa but I just developed some Reala 100 (pulled to 25) and am loving it![img][/img]

  8. They must have a lot of it… I put 999 units into my cart just for fun, and it didn;t pop up with any warning about not enough stock.

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