Congrats to my son Brandon and other news…

This past Monday was my son’s 8th grade graduation and just wanted to say how proud I am of him and that I love him! He reads this site every day or two 🙂 Congrats Brandon! Just arrived at my new home in AZ so today will be spent unpacking and getting settled. I will have a daily inspiration up later as well as a KILLER guest article by Ashwin Rao either this evening or tomorrow AM. Also wanted to announce that I will start writing guest articles myself about Leica on the new B&H Photo Insights blog AND the official Leica Camera blog 🙂 BUT my concentration and reviews will always be on this site, which is my baby!

My son at his graduation shot with the E-PL1:

Olympus E-PL1 with Olympus 17 2.8 at 2.8

For some reason, those in the background act like they never seen a camera before 🙂 Converted to Sepia with Silver Efex Pro.

Another nice shot of Brandon and my Mother with the 17 2.8. I’m telling you, 2,8 may seem “slow” when compared to the 20 1.7 but this lens is a MUST for the E-PL1 IMO. This is a straight from cam JPEG. It’s a little vivid as I believe I was shooting in the iAuto mode.


  1. Steve, if/when you have time, I would love to hear your thoughts on my questions in comment #7.

    Great shots for this post by the way.


  2. Great shots of Brandon and congrats to him. Also, congrats to you on the two new blogs – that’s awesome!

    Glad the move went well with more awesome posts coming.

  3. Grats Brandon, I feel like I know you already….

    Cindy, you look as lovely as ever…

    Welcome to AZ…

    The summer cometh…

  4. So these are the warm colours you mentioned about the 17/2.8! Indeed looks very nice! (Although I wouldn’t trade in the 1.5x faster speed of the 20/1.7 ;-))

  5. Congrats on your son, Steve!

    The conversion to sepia in Silver Efex Pro was that done on the RAW file or from cam JPEG?

    I’m still quite new to digital. I got a Leica X1 recently which is my first digital camera, so I’m trying to get my head around RAW vs JPEG and whether to post process or try to master the straight from cam JPEGs. Do you have any advice on this with regards to the X1? If I want to keep workflow fairly simple, so all time is not spent behind the computer but shooting pictures. 🙂

    I’m loving the X1 by the way! And coming from manual Nikon film SLRs (FE 2), I don’t mind the slow pace shooting of the X1 at all.


    PS. Imagine being “only” 32 of age and the X1 is my first digi cam. 😀

  6. I dont know why exactly but that picture reminds me of Harry Potter. Just remember everyone is lying, high school just gets easier the higher you go not harder so enjoy.

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