Daily Inspiration #110 by Nacho Pello

Happy Thursday! Time for #110 submitted by Nacho Pello. Love these images!!

Hi there Steve, Im Nacho Pello an Argentinian guy living in Spain, this is my second chance to be in daily inspiration. First was digital, but now ill try with film. I do not know how many images you accept, but I will send you three.

Two from a short trip to Barcelona and one from Pamplona. first with lucky shd100, rodinal 1:50 home development and second with kodak gold 200asa, 2007 expired. All scanned at home with epson 4490, and shooted with a canon eos 500n from the hip without looking from the viewfinder (thats the way I mostly shoot streets)

The lens is a Porst 50mm f/1.2 fujica x bayonet mount, modified to fit eos, you can read an article of the modification here.

all the shots wide open

The third one, is one from Pamplona/Navarra, where I live, is from the bus on the way work, also with lucky shd100, rodinal 1:50 and same equipment

my flickr is


Have a great day Steve




  1. Shooting from the hip? There is no way you can compose properly and get a decent shot unless you shoot hundreds of images and only then if your luck, which is rare. Look through the viewfinder, compose and don’t be afraid. Shooting from the hip is creepy. Go on utube and look up Cartier Bresson and see some of his videos and how he shoots. If your that afraid get a angled viewfinder like Helen Levitt had, at least you can see what your getting instead of guessing.

  2. The black & white’s and this flickr guy “pippowashere” inspired me to do this:


  3. Great tones and pastels on the second shot. Lucky film is pretty good. China has a very big love of film still. As does most of Asia. So as long as we have Fuji – film will live..

  4. thanks a lot for your kind comments
    thanks steve for the support

    they are shooted at full aperture because the lens will not stop down due to the modification as you can read in the article, I buy a 1.2 to be used at 1.2, if I want another f stop I can use another cheaper lens (although this was really cheap too).
    From the hip to be unnoticed.

    @Stephen, yes I tend to abuse with dof, and Im going to start shooting stopped down a little bit more, is something I have in mind for a while, thanks for your advise, I think you are right


  5. In my view these work well ‘wide open’ but looking at your Flickr stream, you seem to shoot almost everything wide open and while often with great results one cannot help but wonder how they might have looked stopped down a bit. Food for thought. Takes nothing away from these shots mind you, especially number 2. Just wow!

  6. I have to ask this. While the shots are nice, why, I pray, were they all shot “wide open” (and from the hip)?

    I do like the do-it-yourself approach to equipment though; great!

  7. Hi Nacho,
    your photos on the flickr page are really amazing shots; I like them, congratulations !!!

    Matthias, Germany

  8. Great street photography – the second and third are my favorites esp. with the mood of the second and the composition of the third.

  9. The middle picture is amazing to me, so rich and glowy … a work of art. Well done!

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