Daily Inspiration #112 by Daniel Gautreau

Here are a few shots sent in by Daniel Gautreau. He shot them with his Leica M6 on the streets of Vancouver. He cropped them to 16X9 from low res scans. Thanks Daniel!


  1. I’m with Michiel. That first shot was great. Really “old time” feel to it. I like my VC 35/1.4 a lot too! Just picked up an old 35 Cron, and not sure if it’s much better than the VC. Incredibly though, the old 35 Cron is actually smaller than the VC 35/1.4.

  2. Third shot does it for me. A lot going on but nicely structured. The deep contrast does not do any harm! Sweet shot.

  3. @Daniel: Now that’s a “real world” comment I appreciate!

    I hadn’t heard of that film before so had a peek at the Kodak site, and now understand why I thought it was a medium speed traditional B&W film. I’m conservative; I stick with (modern…) tri-X, should try out HP5 soon…

  4. Hi Michiel.

    The lens for all shots was the Voigtlander 35 / 1.4 Classic. Great lens. Film was kodak bw400cn, processed @ local drug store. I have two Leica lens (24 mm Elmar 3.8 & the 50 mm Summicron 2) and I find them overrated & over priced.


  5. Daniel, I like especially the first image a lot. That light! The tonal gradation of all three is absolutely amazing. Could you give us some info on lens, film (FP4?), developer etc? Low res scan? Really?

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