Daily Inspiration #250 by John Miles

Hi Steve,

I have just returned from a drive cross country and ย was shooting the whole time. We started in D.C. and ended back home in Southern California covering Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona . I thought maybe I would find some interesting people along the way but instead I found myself shooting more landscapes then I would normally. It is a beautiful country that much I’m sure of and lucky for me I got to share it with a beautiful girl.

Image #1 Was shot at the Vietnam War Memorial at dusk. I used a M8 w/ 35mm Summilux

Image #2 I woke up in our hotel room in Knoxville, TN to find her getting out of bed. Again I used a M8 w/ 35mm Summilux

Image #3 Out in the middle of Arizona, somewhere just after leaving New Mexico I came across this sign along Interstate 40. After doing some research I found out it was a gas station back in the day. Remnants of the station were still visible but you would have never known thats what it was from the look of it. ย This was shot with the X1

Thanks for taking the time to look and keep up the great work!


  1. Great shots and it look like you had fun, but my wife would have killed me for posting the number two shot. Boy are you brave or what. Thanks for sharing….;-}


  2. Just wanted to to say thanks for the kind words, they are greatly appreciated. I wrote out a post earlier today going into depth but it’s still waiting to be approved. I think because I had links in it? I don’t know.

  3. Beautiful images, I love the tones in 1 and 2. I love the subject in 3 but its a touch contrasty for my taste, great shot non the less. Fantastic wok!

  4. Sorry guys I wrote a post earlier today thanking everyone but it says its under moderation, not sure why but maybe because I took issue with the “nasty” comment. Here it is without that part and maybe it will go through. Thanks again for your amazing feedback:

    What a nice surprise to wake up to! Thank you everyone for your kind words, they are really appreciated and thank you Steve for posting them.

    Nymaera those are some great photos from your road trip! I was only in Texas for a few hours, driving across the panhandle.I found Amarillo to be an interesting city and great for photography, I wish I could have spent more time there shooting.

    As for #2, my girl is my quasi Cindy Sherman and while she is sexy she most certainly not nasty in ANY way.

    Thanks again for taking the time to look! I forgot to include my websites in the post so those are below.




    My girl is a amazing photographer and her link is:


  5. John, you are a lucky guy…M8, 35 lux, AND most importantly, a beautiful travelling partner to “share” in all of those moments. What a cool series of captures!

  6. #1 may be my favorite photo so far of the Vietnam War Memorial. Very moving.

    #2 is fantastic; moody as all hell; the silhouette is great.

    #3 is great, too; very stark. I’d love to see a muted color version of this one, too.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Thanks Rohith

      I was honored to finally get a chance to see the war memorial for myself and I’m grateful you think so highly of the image, I know there are a lot of great ones out there. As for the sign…I definitely consider myself first and foremost a color photographer so I too thought that image would be perfect in color. I treat almost all my color photographs in the same manner to provide continuity in style and I must have spent an hour on that photo trying to get the curves right butI kept getting thrown off by the yellow in the sign. It just wasn’t very appealing. So in the end I went to B&W and thats where I felt it hit the sweet spot. I appreciate your feedback and kind words!

  7. totally jealous!!!

    i recently took a week-and-a-half roadtrip escorting my lady up to school in lubbock, tx. took damn near a week just to get out of texas, leaving only a few days before we had to come back. which isn’t such a bad thing, cuz texas is kinda well… texas.

    here’s two more from the road…




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