IN STOCK ALERT: Olympus E-P3 and 17mm – SILVER!

The Olympus E-P3 is in stock now!

The hottest color and lens combo in the E-P3 is the ONE that is in stock now at B&H photo – $899. Act fast! Click here to get it, these have been selling out pretty fast! After reviewing the camera and new 12mm, I ended up keeping the review sample and yes, I had to pay full price! Great camera and improvement over past PENS. Just wanted to spread the word as there are a few of you looking for this exact color/lens combo!

I will be getting a Sony NEX-C3 today so will be heading to Las Vegas to review it and to finish my review of the the SLR Magic 28 2.8 E Mount lens and 50mm 0.95 for E mount. Woohoo! If anyone is in Vegas on Wednesday/Thursday send me an email and maybe we can meet up for a quick chat!

OH, and all Micro 4/3 owners THIS LENS is the lens to watch for – Cant wait to see how this one does. FINALLY!! Fast primes are coming to M4/3 users!

AND…as of 08/17, B&H released the new Olympus 45 1.8 lens for pre-order and I am hearing whisperings that it is arriving VERY VERY soon. This appears to be a fantastic lens, equaling a 90mm in 35mm and with a fast aperture. I have spoken with a couple of people who have been testing this lens already and they LOVE it. $399, so not a bank breaker like the 12mm f/2.


  1. Ugh this camera it a beauty! I’m still rocking an E-PL1, but it does well for me with the Panny 20mm. Maybe if I save up for a year or two I’ll pick one of these babies up, or the E-P6 which will be out by then (Kidding, mostly). And ogh that 12mm lens…sigh….so awesome looking.

    As for the NEX, my mom has a NEX-5 and while it is a great camera I just can’t get past the “Sony” interface. Maybe the C3 will improve it but honestly Sony just hasn’t ever been good with interface design (IMO). Quality camera though.

  2. Amazon has the camera with the 14-42 bundle for the zoom crowd(it’s a really good zoom apparently)
    Judging by Steve’s review and the general consensus this is a great camera,If any model would make me jump the micro 4/3 format..

  3. The 12mm completely transformed my opinion on my old E-P1 from should sell to it’s a keeper.
    I just pre-ordered the 45mm from B&H ( and unusually they will not charge until it’s shipped ).

  4. 899 for body and mediocre 17mm, 799 for 12mm, 599 for the new 25mm Summilux, 399 for the 45mm, 200 for an EVF, add some spare batteries=USD 3000 or so. A lot of money for a mft system.

    • No its not cheap, but its the price one has to pay if they want a PEN style body with IBIS, some good quality fast native prime lenses and a good VF.

      Most people would probably be just as happy with the steals you can get on a EPL1 or 2 with a 14-42 for sub $500 these days, or the equally nice Panny G3 with 14-42 which has a great EVF built into it.

      Some users really enjoy quality glass though, regardless of the mount, and I personally think its great that m4/3 is catering to a wide range of users.

      Not everyone wants or can afford a $800 12mm f2.0, but there are lower cost alternatives such as the 14mm f2.5, or even the kit zooms.

      There is really something for everyone in m4/3 right now which is fantastic. NEX for example is a good camera, but there are still no good quality native lenses as of yet. The ones they have are fine for many of the users but it leaves a group out that wants higher end performance.

      I think any system needs to have both high and lower end offerings, even Leica does. Not everyone wants or can afford a 50 Lux ASPH but they offer some great bang for the buck with the Sumarit line. Canon has the L glass and the consumer grade lenses, so on and so forth.

      You can’t look at just the flagship body and top of the line lenses in m4/3 and say that represents the system as a whole any more than you can take a Canon 1Ds mkIII and a bunch of L primes and say its $15,000 for an EF mount system.

      EP3, 12mm, 25mm etc are the extreme side of things. Thats the stuff thats going to appeal to a small minority of users, but luckily they have something for those folks.

      $3k is not cheap, you are right, but at the same time, it could be seen as quite a deal when your used to Leica/Zeiss prices.

      I’ve got the 12mm f2.0 and again, I realize $800 isn’t cheap, but its also a fantastic lens and would cost easily twice that much were it for the M mount.

      Sigma is also getting into m4/3 as well so no doubt plenty more lower priced options coming from them as well.

      Thats the true strength of a system, something for everyone, at all price points and focal lengths.

      • You shpuld become an Oly rep. I went out the other day and came back home with a black EP3 with kit zoom and the 12mm :). Ok, what can I say. It is just exactly what Steve writes, the EP3 is fun, a lot of fun. And the 12mm is a superb lens. AF speed, touch screen (much more than a gimmick) make the EP3 propably one of the best street shooters combo.

  5. Hi Steve
    Tomorrow I will be heading to Vegas and stay until Tuesday. Maybe I will run into you on the street. But it looks like that you will be gone by Friday.

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