New Holster/Case for your Leica M, Pentax Q and a new M9P avaialble in the classifieds!

Upcoming Reviews and News – Pentax Q arrives!

Hello to all! It’s Tuesday at about 7:22 am and I am awaiting a couple of packages today from UPS. It seems that at least once a week something gets delivered to my door and it is always a fun time seeing what is inside. Today I know what is coming and I expect it to be very very cool. One of the packages will contain the new Pentax Q camera and lenses, viewfinder, etc. I will be doing a complete review on the tiny Q system which has intrigues me since it was announced. This small sensor camera system has a couple of things going for it for sure, and that is small size and great build.

B&H has the cameras in stock now in white and black. I will be reviewing it with the 47mm equivalent kit lens, the fisheye and the 100mm equivalent Toy Lens. I do feel that the price seems high at $799 for having such a small sensor. This is only $100 less than an Olympus E-P3 setup and $100 more than a Sony NEX-5n kit. I will post a first look in the next couple of days but will be heading to Chicago on Thursday so I will be sure to carry the Q with me everywhere.

The Classified Buy Sell ads

Also, the classified section on the site is ROCKING! LOTS of great buys have been posted lately and I saw yesterday that a brand new unused Leica M9P in black was posted. If anyone wants a new one, check out the ad HERE. You can see all of the ads HERE, and even place your own! Sell your gear quickly and easily!

FAST & PRIME – A brand new premium hand made case/carry solution for your Leica M

So you think your Luigi case is nice? Wait until you get a load of this BRAND NEW system for carrying your Leica M9 from Part holster, part bag, part case. All three in one. This new system is all hand made from the best leather and each piece is even induvidually numbered. I was lucky enough to snag #1 and will be showing it off in a world premiere exclusive review/unveiling right here on the site. I have been in contact with the owner for quite a while now as he crafted my case and he has just launched the site HERE. I will be showing you my fast & prime M9 case via video and photos in the next two days and will be using it at the Chicago meet up/workshop.

From the looks of it, this is a GREAT design full of functionality and each system comes with the case/holster, neck strap, hand strap and lens case. Basically, no need for a bag when you want to go out with your M9 and two lenses. It will all fit around you or your waist with easy holster access to your M9. Now all I am going by his his description and photos but mine arrives today so I will let you guys know all about it ASAP. One thing is for sure, this is one functional design unlike any other out there today. Stay tuned!

What else is on the way? Olympus 45 1.8, Olympus Mini Pen (possibly), Ricoh GXR M unit and GRD IV…

I have other reviews in the works after I return from Chicago and am still waiting for my copy of the Olympus 45 1.8 which was supposed to be in my hands two weeks ago! It should arrive in the next week or so and I will be reviewing that on the E-P3 or Olympus E-PM1, the TEENY TINY MINI Pen which after holding one appears to be the smallest interchangeable lens camera to date. I’m not a huge fan of teeny tiny and feel the gorgeous E-P3 is a perfect size but many are loving it so I may do a review on it for those interested.

Other cameras that will be arriving to me soon are the Samsung NX200, the Ricoh GR Digital IV, the Ricoh M mount unit for the GXR, and of course…the Sony NEX-7.

So there will be lots coming up over the next few weeks along with Daily Inspirations, Guest Reports and Articles and reports from the Chicago event this weekend!

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  1. The UHL system runs around $1100 shipped. That is what 640 pounds comes to on the 3rd of Feb. 2012. Pretty expensive even though it looks really well made. A five year warranty isn’t much for that kind of money, though. I would expect life-time of the buyer, at least. Like an earlier poster mentioned, it definitely will draw attention. Quality is hard to hide!

  2. Which legacy manual lenses can you put on the Q, and is manual focusing handled well (peaking like NEX, or contrast lines like Samsung, or zoom like Olympus?)? (I know you could likely use the K-Q adaptor, but it’s kind of huge, thinking more directly) Thanks!

    • At present I do not know of any legacy adapters for the Q outside of the K-Q adapter Pentax has shown. To be honest the only legacy adapter that I would be interested in is a Pentax Auto 110 to Q adapter, as even Leica lenses are massive next to a Q. Any other legacy lens would just be too large to use easily with it. The 8.5/1.9 I used was excellent. As far as manual focus, I never used that during my 9 day test. According to the manual it enlarges the center of the screen like the Oly. One fun fact about the Q is you can assign the AF to another button on the back separating shutter and AF.

      • There have been a few posts on other forums saying that they wouldn’t actually be possible, because of the design of the shutter (or lack thereof). Does that sound right?

        • The Q has an electronic shutter for use with the Toy lenses Pentax is marketing and a separate menu for it’s control, so in theory yes the lenses from the Auto 110 could be used, but they would remain fixed at f2.8. The Auto 110 used the leaf shutter of the lenses as aperture control blades as well.

  3. The holster thing is too gimmicky and conspicuous. Someone gave me something like it for my DSLR and I never used it. I would have been embarassed to be seen with it.

    The company looks promising, though — nice high quality leather. They should offer some more conventional cases at reasonable prices.

  4. I can’t wait to read all those upcoming reviews! I am intrigued by the new Olmpus EP Mini. Simple and small, but still the same sensor and can use the VF!

  5. Nice looking case. Linen and beeswax stitching shows they know what they are doing. Looks heavy though. I’ll look forward to seeing it in Chicago. I love my original M case, but the cotton stitching will all need to be replaced soon. I like Luigi’s but I wish his full cases had a button pivot on the bottom ever ready like the Leica original, so the cover isn’t to sticking to the side on vertical compositions.

    All these Leicaslingers need is to be criss crossed on someone with film rolls lined on the leather straps like bullets on a Mexican pistolero.

    @ Jonny- Luigi is old and Italian so you gotta cut him some slack on his site.

    • ugh.. the same is true for Luigi Half Case.. unless you go for the full case your lens is exposed either way..

      anyway, I have no care for this type of cases.. leather and faux leather products only attract molds (if not properly cared for) and unwanted eyes.. the whole thing of carrying a Leica is to be agile and stealthy.. why do you think people go through all lengths to make their cameras inconspicuous..?

  6. Looks like a great case. Looking forward to the review. Website actually is pretty nice, unlike the Luigi website which is one of the worst I have ever seen.

    As far as the classifieds…..I find them a mixed bag. Sure there are some decent deals out there, but along with that you have all of the other people trying to shaft buyers with higher-than-MSRP prices. For example, the summilux sellers trying to sell them for $4500+ that “just bought the lens new in box” and obviously had no intention of using it. We can all thank them for the extra long waiting lists.

    • Supply & Demand! Any classified on the wen selling Leica has the same thing. People are paying for the lenses so can’t blame people for selling them. No way I would ban people from selling above MSRP as you don’t have to buy, but it seems there always is someone who will. The reason for the high prices is due to Leica not being able to supply the lenses..fill the demand.

      • Sure can’t blame them for selling I would probably do the same thing. No need to ban them either it was just a comment. It can still be irritating though because these folks obviously never intended to use the lens and are decreasing the supply from the dealers. Just saying, give them an extra thanks for the wait.

        • I don’t see a problem here. It is a deal, you pay more for getting the lens fast or wait some time to buy “cheap” from Leica. Don’t blame anybody for decreasing the supply from the dealers. It is not unfair, it is just economics.

      • sounds like a HUGE SCAM.. wire transfer or bank check ONLY..? even Paypal isn’t safe (unless using credit card to fund transaction)..

        I can’t believe you (Steve) are promoting this ad which offer little to no security for the buyer.. and yes I’m aware that there’s always a certain risk for online purchases especially on the B&S boards..

        • Its not a scam and I have spoken with him extensively. I would only take a wire transfer as well, would never ever use paypal for that kind of money. He is also offering local pickup…

          • I’ve taken these concerns under consideration and have offered a PayPal option. Hopefully those that area really interested will see that as a sign of good faith and if they really want a new camera, just contact me so we can talk further.

  7. Really looking forward to hearing what think of the Q. I have been shooting it for about a week and a half and am really enjoying it. It is a great compliment to my GRD III. I carry both giving me a fixed 28 and a 47. Just right.

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