Daily Inspiration #113 by Daniel Sutton

Today I would like to present three lovely photographs shot on film and submitted by Daniel Sutton. Film is beautiful isn’t it? Thanks Daniel!

From Daniel…

“These are all taken with leica m6, 1972 50 summicron on tri-x film @ 400 with a red filter”


  1. I’m not really a tree person, so the symbolism of moody tree pictures is lost on me.

    I like the other two (particularly the fisherman; excellent tension in the composition), although a yellow filter or no filter at all could have produced less oppressively moody images. A matter of taste and personal preference I guess.

    What I also like a lot is that these images demonstrate that Leica glass (thankfully) does not force you to shoot razor sharp images… 🙂

  2. Wow on the second one.

    @ armanius , a red filter increases the contrast if i remember correctly. Yellow and orange filters do the same but to a lesser degree.
    someone correct me if im wrong here.

  3. I live in louisiana and a few of us grabbed our leicas and headed down to the coast. We actually went away from the spill so the picture of the man on the beach is actually a fishman we ran into. He and a buddy of his just sit on the beach and fish in their retirement, traveling up and down the gulf coast.
    The basketball goal was found desolate out by Holly Beach, in the eastern half of the Louisiana Gulf Coast. I had to jump a fence while everyone stayed in the car. I got my photos of the basketball goal and the tree while everyone else sat in the car.

    The benefits of a red filter are two-fold:
    First off, the filter knocks out about three stops of light. This turns your tri-x 400 into 50 or so. But it also transmits red light (of course) thus it blocks LESS light relatively from red objects and blocks more light from objects that are not red, especially blue.

    But I had so much fun just packing my girlfriend and two buddies into our car and hitting the coast. Something invariably happens. Everyone should get some good friends and a few rolls of film and jump in a car.

  4. Really love these. The red filter working it’s magic 🙂 The tree in the last against the dramatic sky…. !!!

  5. Great, great photographs! They all have an eerie, ominous feeling to them. Plus the second picture almost is a zombie pic! LOL.

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