Daily Inspiration #123 by Emily Godwin

Happy 4th of July! Today I received a story and image from Emily Godwin and in the spirit of the holiday I am posting it here for all of you to read and see! Thanks Emily! BTW, You can check out her blog HERE!

Hi Steve,

Early this morning I drove to a nearby national military cemetery. Since I’m somewhat shy about street photography, I was just planning on shooting some landscape shots. However, there were two brothers arriving there about the same time as me and spoke to me as we entered. I asked them if I could photograph them, and they agreed although one brother noted it seemed a little strange since “This is the first time I’ve been photographed in a cemetery.” Turns out they were veterans who were there to place flowers on their father’s grave (a WW II veteran) who died 40 years ago today. I was about to leave when the ranger arrived to raise the flag; as she finished, I noticed that one brother went from his hand over his heart to raising his arms in celebration. I started to crop the frame, but I liked how the distance seemed to indicate the reverence and privacy he needed.

Happy 4th!



  1. @ Emily – I feel the same way about “street photography” too. I like it and find it to be the most interesting type of photos. But I have yet to develop the eye and the fortitude to confidently take photos of strangers.

  2. Thank you Stephen, Armanius, Andy…it’s not technically perfect, but it did capture a moment. I’m not comfortable with “street photography” – I feel as if I’m intruding, but now I have to try more!

  3. Thank you for sharing Emily. One of my most powerful and emotional experiences in my life was my first time visiting the Vietnam Memorial. Happy July 4th everyone. Well, July 5th now!

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