Out at Slide Rock with the X1, NEX-5 and E-P2

Hey guys! I am back today, a bit earlier than planned but I had a good day today at Slide Rock State Park which is near Sedona, AZ. I was not really in the mood to snap pics but once I got going I had a good time. Just wanted to chime in and say hey, and also I will be planing a cool cool trip with my son REALLY soon and blogging from the road (more details soon). For now, here are a few fun shots from yesterday. Nothing spectacular but may give you an idea of the look each camera can put out:

The Leica X1 at f2.8 – A quick grab shot of Brandon, Kyle and Mike before we headed out! Had to stock up on snacks and drinks. Me, I skipped them as I wasnt hungry. My appetite has been lousy these past few days. Family, Β friends and fun. What more could one ask for?

I saw this old Ford and had to get a couple of shots. I had the X1 in hand.

Ford up close – Fordomatic

The X1 is such a great little camera with the best quality I have seen in a compact

Kyle Taking A Jump! – Nex 5 and 18-55.

Jump #2 with the X1

The curious baby looking at the 14-150 on my E-P2

Quick Video shot with the E-P2 and 14-150


  1. It must be hard to get 1000 opinions and advise from all your readers, in a moment like this !! Good luckt to you and your family !


  2. Thanks guys, will be heading off to Europe tomorrow for a week and will be (hopefully) updating the site every night as I travel across some cool locations with a few cameras. Stay tuned πŸ™‚

  3. Hey Steve,

    Glad to see you back so soon…and great that you’re getting out and about in such beautiful environments…good for the soul and mind!
    I have the amazing M9, but my partner has the X1 and loves it (and I’ve been known to steal it a few times)!

  4. Steve, I have greatly appreciated your Site for all of its information, dedication, and plain “down home”
    suggestions. To cut to the chase, when I looked at your picture, the one where you are standing with
    your son, and a friend, I could not help but notice your body. Excess weight is the starting point for
    numerous chronic conditions, the ones that take you out. Besides, I feel a compelled to not hold back
    because I like who you are. When I was over weight, I felt ” dumbed down” emotionally,which
    affected my relationship with my wife. I felt that my body was existing, but not thriving. In Chinese
    medicine, crisis, and opportunity share the same Chinese symbol. I hope in my taking the risk of
    being direct, you see it as an act of love. Stan W.

  5. Steve, looking forward to the upcoming posts this week and glad you have the blog – I can understand why you’re keeping it going b/c it’s best to have something bigger than yourself to keep you moving through hard times. And this blog has turned into something bigger than just some reviews or photos – you’re influencing photography and have formed a huge community of photographers that feel your pain this week.

    • Roadtrips with your dad is fun, but doesn’t really help much with dealing with your parent’s separating. Believe me, I’ve had first hand experience.

  6. Hey Steve
    I am 62 years old married + 2 so i have some experience :). I love your blog but this is not the most important thing. Your marriage, your wife and your son are. I dont know what the problem was but i can tell you love your wife very much and you seem such nice people. Before separating, go to a consultent- a good one and try everything in your power to overcome this sad situation. ( excuse my bad english). You have a son who i am sureis suffering and although going out together with your son( in other times) is always great ,this is the time to try everything in your power to overcome this crisis WITH YOUR WIFE !!! people now adays give up too easilly on their marriage ,
    One last word-no camera or blog is worth your familly your friend Danny

  7. Steve, so glad to hear you are out doing what you Love to do, and doing it with your Son. I went thru this once after being married for 30 years, it was a crushing experience and you only get one chance to either do it right or do it wrong. What ever decision is made, be careful, thoughtful, mindful and mostly show Love to all that you encounter and time will tell and heal. I sure hope everything works out for you when it’s all said and done and I wish you all the best. I can’t believe you are able to go thru all of this and still maintain this blog, taking all the photos and trips etc but in the log run it may be the best. If it was me, I could have never done it at that point and I’m just being honest. I wish you nothing but the best my friend.

  8. ps: i am a great fan.

    i am no pro photographer, just plain user of point and shoot cams, and dearly love reading all your posts…

    its like i know your family well because of your photos.
    i really like you and your family…
    your blog is like… living memories of your family.

    proof that love lives in your family.

  9. hi steve,
    i am mark, a filipino.
    i become sad the day i read “the end”…
    its like you are my father and i am also you…

    just hold on, pray harder and be very brave.

    still be thankful for everything you got, you received, and you had…
    who knows? maybe LORD has plans for you…

    always find a courage to wake up everyday and breathe… for your son…. he still needs you.

    and cry if you need to… dont be ashamed.

    and always smile, it makes the pain go away (^v^)


  10. Nice trip with your son and friends, a great way of getting your head and spirit well, relaxed and in good mood. Life go on, and you have a lot of suport and care from all your readers and friends.

    Take care! (sorry for my english πŸ˜› )

  11. At one point, I reallly was looking forward to the release of the 14-150. After getting the Leica bug, the EP2 has been totally neglected. How is the AF on the 14-150?

  12. Steve, I haven’t been to Slide Rock since I was about 10 – memories. Maybe I’ll have to head up there πŸ™‚ Nice to see more candid examples of the three cams.

    RE: your situation. The best method imho is exactly what you are doing.. charging head first at the upset partner enhances alienation. Good read on that. It’s definitely our instinct, but often with time cooler heads will prevail, especially with children involved.

    Friends and your son are the best solution, nice to have friends who can help you out right now too. πŸ™‚ keep hanging in there, the road is far from a dead end.

  13. It’s great to hear that you will be spending time with your son next week. Because if it is hard on adults, imagine what he has to go through! So have a great great trip with some nice son-dad moments that will last you both a lifetime.

  14. Hi Steve.

    Agreed. Keep taking picture is the best tonic for people like us
    It’s really nice to see the blog updated so soon. πŸ™‚

  15. Good to see you’re doing what you obviously love.

    Btw, I hear Leica’s are total chick magnets (too soon for jokes?).

    Best of luck to you.

  16. Mazel tov, Steve. I imagine spending time with your boy is the best tonic there is. Am looking forward to the posts of your adventures.

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