Daily Inspiration #128 by Herry Ludywidjaja

Another Leica lover! Thanks Herry! Great photos.

Hi Steve,

I want to share my experience with my first Leica M8. I’ve been shooting with big chuncky DSLR for more than 15 years, and now I really fall in love with rangefinder camera.

I took my lovely M8 with Zeiss Biogon 35mm lens on my recent trip to Singapore. While I’m still getting used to with the viewfinder frameline to get right composition, here is some of my shots.

The photos was taken at People’s park, where a place for elderly to meet others, having talks, playing chinese chess, get sleep under big tree, watching peoples passing by at chinatown market nearby or even those who try to make a living as you can see from my third photo.

One thing for sure, I really impressed with Leica colour, and very distinctive if we convert it to b/w. Again, I’m in love with my Leica……


  1. Use what you can and enjoy the fact you take photos….

    I don’t have an M8 or an M9… but yes I do love reading this blog. and enjoy all the comments
    by the readers…

  2. The M9 may be full frame, but the M8 and M8.2 still put out some lovely files. It beats my Nikon D90 in IQ, I believe. (Until you push it to higher ISOs past 1250.) Not everyone can afford the M9. All of the Leica rangefinders have issues, but one thing is for certain, with all the complaints, the IQ coming out of these cameras is certainly not inferior. That includes the M8!

  3. Herry
    The M8 is a great camera I have used one since the day they came out , never has it let me down and the I mages are superb . Had a loaner M9 could not find the difference to upgrade . Keep shooting .

  4. Dear all,

    Thanks for your comments. No doubt M9 is the best, unfortunately my pocket is not deep enough to bring it home. Anyway, I love my M8 and Carl Zeiss lens, it’s a great combination.

      • Well Elaine, as has been put to you rather vehemently in another comment, it’s an inferior camera to the M9… 🙁 . Glad you like it though! The colour image is very good; the b&w’s look a bit flat to me, but is probably the lighting at the scene.

        Enjoy your M8!

        • Hi Michiel, did you click on the images and look at them full size? If you do you’ll see that the last image has a very strong 3D quality, not at all flat imo.

          • @Darell: you’re actually right Darell; I was referring mainly to the first b&w image. The lighting is a lot better there!

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