Daily Inspiration #130 by Ashwin Kumar

Received these a while ago and thought they were lovely. Thanks Ashwin for sending them in and being #130!

“Hi Steve

Inspired by the PoD submissions, I have been waiting a long time to contribute something for the series.

About Me:

I am an amateur photographer from Bangalore, India who loves shooting with rangefinders, and vintage lenses. I shoot mainly street portraits, and the occasional landscape.

About the photos:

PoD-1 (A little bit of blue) – shot with a Hasselblad 500C and Zeiss 80mm f/2.8 C lens on Ektar 100. The person was running an ironing shop in the locality. These are typical small places located in residential areas where people go for a quick ironing of their clothes. He was having a slow morning.

PoD-2 (chanting) – shot with a Leica M6 and CV 35/1.2 on Ektar 100. This was shot at a Tibetan monastery at Bylakuppe, Karnataka, India. Bylakuppe is a Tibetan settlement of refugees, and has some beautiful temples and monasteries.

PoD-3 (Peace) – shot with a M8, and CV 35/1.2. This was shot at St Peter Pontifical Seminary, Bangalore, India. We had just stepped into the seminary, and I saw this scene unfold. I was moved by the peace and the slow pace of life.

Website: http://www.flickr.com/photos/arucard



  1. Number 3 ‘Peace’ is just amazing, I sure feel it! Bokeh is quit complimentary. Great work on that!!

  2. From one Ashwin to another, these are wonderful shots. Beautifully composed and toned, really bring the images to life! The last one is my absoluate favorite of the group!

  3. Namaste Ashwin, Love the pics but also have to agree monastery shot composition feels a little odd – I think it’s the empty space on the right, it’s quite bright and draws ones attention away from the monks. Only my opinion though 😉 I’ve been to India quite a few times and photographically it is a goldmine, if I could could I’d live there six months of the year, love it so much. Are you on flickr?
    All the best, Andy

    • Thank You Damian. The CV 35/1.2 with the high Shutter speed of the M8 make it possible 🙂

  4. Love the third, first one is a bit boring for my taste and there’s something slightly off with the composition in the second one. Great idea in the second though, maybe if you stuck the first kid on the first third coming from the right the image would have been more powerful.

    It’s late here in Cairo so sorry if I seem negative! What use is all positive commentary though right?

    • Thanks for the critique Nick.
      PoD-1 – There are more interesting shots from the same photowalk in my flickr stream. 🙂
      PoD-2 – I would have liked to shoot lower. I was sitting on the ground for this shot. My intention was to get some of that streaming light from the window. PS: I do have one shot with the kid in first 1/3rd of the frame.

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