Daily Inspiration #141 by Renze Rispens

Hi Steve,

First of all, congratulations on doing such an amazing job with your website. It’s been my no. 1 Leica site for ages and I visit at least once a day! Please find attached 3 images I selected from a recent Holiday trip I made to New York. It was my first time visiting the city and as a matter of fact, I met up there with two flickr buddies of mine, Stephen (Banzai) Terry and Justin (tsxer) Leveritt. We spent a week shooting like crazy, talking camera gear (such fun to tell people about Leica cameras when they see a lunch table full of gear!) and generally having a blast. I don’t think I’ve ever had such a productive and cool photo trip, NY sure is an amazing place for street photography.

Some info on these shots; they’ve all been taken on a Leica M6 classic, 35mm f/1.2 Nokton lens and Tri-X film. I used an ND-9 (3 stops) filter for some of the shallow dof daytime photos. First photo is on Broadway if I remember correctly, a candid shot where I got noticed in the last second. I think it works even better than if he hadn’t seen me 🙂 Second photo is near Wall Street, I was amazed by how clean and white all those buildings were, it made the light there even more amazing. And the third shot is from a subway station, she looked at me not entirely sure if I was shooting her or something else, I’m glad I didn’t back down!

Well, I have more of the trip in this flickr set:


Thanks for all your effort Steve and all the best!

Kind Regards,

Renze Rispens


  1. Michiel, no I still have the M6, as a matter of fact I’m bringing it this weekend to shoot 🙂
    Lets have some beers next week!

    • Will do! Sunday usually suits me best. I’ll bring my unobtrusive, disguised as an old M, light and pocketable D700… 🙂

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