Daily Inspiration #146 by Yong Xu

Hi Steve,

Hello from Shanghai…er, it is in China.

have been following your site for a long time and you are the one who built up my confidence to Leica M digital. so on top of my other 4 Leica film cameras, i bought a M8 for daily shot and really have had much fun!

The picture I send today was taken by a Hasselblad Xpan II with 45/4 lens when i was in Turkey mid August.

The country is beautiful with very nice people. What’s more, combination of different culture is the most attractive thing.

Hass Xpan is so great but i still put a Leica in my bag everyday. probably the L is not only a gear, but also a mood with me.

for more picture you can check link below (surely you can ignore some Chinese text) :


attached picture on order:

1 sunset in Pammukale

2 Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

3 Bosporus

4 kids outside the Blue Mosque



  1. thanks all above.

    once i got on plane i suddenly realize that i had left all films home.
    fortunately i still have 5 rolls ilford and 5 rolls 100VS in my carry case.
    in Turkey i bought some Colorplus 200. i have to take picture very carefully, to save each tiny film.
    but the good thing is, i felt free to talk to local people and caught view with my own eyes instead of keeping taking picture.

    • yes Xpan is great, you can shoot with no mistake. i have planned my trip to Beijing for 3 years, and now it is still a plan.

  2. Hello Yong Xu. I’ve just returned from shanghai and will be back there 2nd half October. Are you interested in hooking up for a few hours to do some street shooting. Let me know and well done on your great images!

  3. Well done! 1st and 3rd are moody and totally express the atmosphere, I wish the 2nd had more details, but 4th is the best and has it all. Great capture!

  4. Nice shots! I, too, picked #4 as my #1 favorite with #1 (sunset) coming in a close second. Love the diagonal line created by the steps & how it leads the eye from one person to the next.

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