Daily Inspiration #146 by Yong Xu

Hi Steve,

Hello from Shanghai…er, it is in China.

have been following your site for a long time and you are the one who built up my confidence to Leica M digital. so on top of my other 4 Leica film cameras, i bought a M8 for daily shot and really have had much fun!

The picture I send today was taken by a Hasselblad Xpan II with 45/4 lens when i was in Turkey mid August.

The country is beautiful with very nice people. What’s more, combination of different culture is the most attractive thing.

Hass Xpan is so great but i still put a Leica in my bag everyday. probably the L is not only a gear, but also a mood with me.

for more picture you can check link below (surely you can ignore some Chinese text) :


attached picture on order:

1 sunset in Pammukale

2 Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

3 Bosporus

4 kids outside the Blue Mosque



  1. thanks all above.

    once i got on plane i suddenly realize that i had left all films home.
    fortunately i still have 5 rolls ilford and 5 rolls 100VS in my carry case.
    in Turkey i bought some Colorplus 200. i have to take picture very carefully, to save each tiny film.
    but the good thing is, i felt free to talk to local people and caught view with my own eyes instead of keeping taking picture.

    • yes Xpan is great, you can shoot with no mistake. i have planned my trip to Beijing for 3 years, and now it is still a plan.

  2. Beautiful photographs. Love the colours and composition in 1. Sunset in Pamukale but they are all strong images.

  3. Wonderful photos! Might I ask as to what film and speed you used for the Hagia Sophia, Istanbul photograph?

  4. Hello Yong Xu. I’ve just returned from shanghai and will be back there 2nd half October. Are you interested in hooking up for a few hours to do some street shooting. Let me know and well done on your great images!

  5. Well done! 1st and 3rd are moody and totally express the atmosphere, I wish the 2nd had more details, but 4th is the best and has it all. Great capture!

  6. Nice shots! I, too, picked #4 as my #1 favorite with #1 (sunset) coming in a close second. Love the diagonal line created by the steps & how it leads the eye from one person to the next.

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