Daily Inspiration #150 by Jimmy Colzato

Hi Steve,

First, thank you… Your site has become a reference for me when it comes to talk about photography… So many great insights, from many interresting people, and such a huge reservoir of usefull informations! Congrats!

You are, also, the main reason why, six month ago, I spent my savings for a GF1 with a 20mm pancake… Since then, I never regret it.

So today I wanted to share this pic I took on a trip to Paris. It was ten at night and we were heading for a drink somewhere… The atmosphere was so special that I wanted to stuck it in the frame… It is logically called : “on the way for a drink”

(GF1, f1,7-20mm : iso 200-f1,7-1/60s : processed with Aperture and Silver efex pro)

Thanks again, more at my website HERE


  1. @jimmy…wow the panny with 20 mm lens is very nice , and by the way great pics you got a good eye ! very nice compositions…i think ill wait for the gf 2 to come out before i sell my lx 3 .

  2. Great picture, perfect in many ways!
    I believe there’s no reason to doubt about the time of the shot: isn’t it a clock in the photo? İt shows 10:00 o’clock! 😉

  3. @boris : yes pretty much all the pics were taken with the Panny and 20mm, and a very few of them with an Olympus 1030 sw (the only camera I had, at that time!).

      • wow…i remember that russian camera , it was sold in bunches in russia and was very popular among photographers who liked rangefinders…of course most tried to go to germany & buy a leica III a or what have you..but those who couldent used the kiev …jimmy love to see pics from this 4m !! if you can id really appreciate it .
        boris from kiev

        • in the street black and white category “house with no name” pic.

          For the moment I stop using the Kiev for different reasons :

          first, I wear glasses and I aim with my left side eye so most of the time I damage the glasses!!!

          second, I’m quite concern about nature and I found that the camera film industrie is chimicaly very toxic for the environment.

          third, films are dearer to process..

          But I like the result of the elios103 50 f1,8 lens, so now I’m looking for an adapter, to use it on the gf1.

          • @jimmy, film is indeed toxic sure…but when it comes to the difference in picture quality …for now atleast ..digital is making strives every year and should become as good as 35 mm film in a few years….they still got ways to go before they reach 120 mm film ! i still like to use my pentax 67 II monster for candid work & my nikon f3 hp for portrait shots…but again not an everyday occurance that ill use my film camera’s….but still nice to have them for some serious work..this way it keeps me honost ! you got 1 chance to capture the moment before its gone!! lol

          • Think about how toxic it is to add all the electronic components of a new digital camera to the world! And afterwards, when the camera is discarded after only a few years (or maybe sooner), it will sometimes be disassembled by children in third-world countries – with great risk to their health and the environment in which they live.
            Looking at the whole picture, film use, especially with solid old cameras, has probably the least total environmental impact.

          • you probably right here (who the hell knows what are they doing with the disposed digital camera body???), but hardware need to be made once, while you need to change often all the chemicals for developing!
            Chemicals which are toxic upstream (production) and downstream (disposal), plus the photosensitive paper…
            The only reason today, you’ve got to change, so often, our digital camera for new technologies is for ECONOMIC reason only. Companies have got 3 or more futur generations camera ready to be sold, but our monetary systeme make us live in scarcity…

            film camera industry is toxic by nature while digital is toxic because of stinginess!!!

  4. hi jimmy ,
    i just looked again, what do you know it works ! all those pics on your site …were taken with the gf-1 with 20 mm lens?

  5. @boris : wow funny, cause I’ve been there several times and it works well, don’t know might have some maintenance on the server… Try again shortly I’m sure it will work again. In case not, can you let me know so I can ask the webmaster…



  6. thanks very much guys for all these positive comments.
    @robert : it was around the 15th of june, so one of the longuest day of the year. I’ll check twice but I’m pretty sure it is the right time. Not sure now though, lol.

    thanks steve


  7. Great image – why is the sky so bright at 10pm? I have lived around the same latitude many many many times and 1/60s f 1.7 ish at ISO 200 has never been in the cards around 10pm. You sure you got the time right? Maybe too many drinks earlier 😉


    • I agree, but “processed with Aperture and Silver efex pro” I suspect the sky was touched. The cars all have headlights on, and it could have been any time of year, so at 10 pm, the sky can still be “bright” .

  8. Jimmy, I feel that your heart was really into taking this photo at 10 PM that night in Paris. You really captured the ambiance. Thank you for sharing it.

  9. It is a remarkable picture!

    As the eye sweeps around, the first thing that draws me in is on the left, the rosette window and the dome of the Saint-Augustin church with the cloud formation slightly to the right above.

    Next, it’s the group of trees to the right, then by extension the buildings further to the right with the “La Pepiniere” sign.

    The foreground came next with the cobblestone street and the cars and headlights.

    But nothing holds it all together better than that magic light glow!

    Love it!

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