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Panasonic G2 Review Coming Thursday!

Hey guys! I have been out of town in Chicago for the past few days so have not been able to update the site until today (due to hotel internet issues) but I have been out shooting with the little Panasonic G2 and having a great time with it. The review will be up on Thursday and there will be tons of images and samples and 100% crops for your enjoyment. I can safely say that the G2 has been giving me the best image quality of any Micro 4/3 camera to date (that I have shot with).  Here are a couple images to get you warmed up for the  review…

BTW, these images have NO PP! They were shot as JPEGS using the cameras built in “Silhouette” setting. This creates deep blacks, and interesting colors that I really like. In the review I will have images shot at all modes so you can see the differences. This camera is like a mini DSLR packed with great features and IQ. Its form factor may not be as cool or cute as the PEN series but it’s small, it’s fast and it’s versatile. But you may be surprised to read my thoughts on this camera….check back Thursday!

The Steve Huff Photo NYC Meetup Oct 15th 2010!

We have 19 attending the NYC meet up on the 15th and the date is rapidly approaching! I will be sending out an email on Wednesday night with details to everyone who is attending. I do have ONE SPOT left if there is anyone who wants to attend! It will be in the Times Square area and will be a full day of shooting, critiquing and fun! Email if interested…

New Reviews…

With new cameras on the horizon I am looking forward to reviewing ALL of them so stay tuned for more reviews! The cooler weather is coming to Phx, AZ where I live so I will be getting out with all of these cameras much more than I have been lately. I WILL review the Fuji X100 as soon as it is available to review. I will also be reviewing the Canon S95, Nikon D3100, Nikon D7000, and the Sony A55. I have some cool articles on the way as well as the NYC meet up which will be posted live as it happens on the 15th!

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  1. You got to be kidding me 🙂 extra $10K for a piece of leather. Just amazing..and I’m sure someone will buy it. Can’t wait to see the pictures taken with that one 🙂

  2. Steve,

    Great site and thanks for the updates about the updates. This has become my favorite web site to visit each day. I just ordered some XP2 and Fuji CA from B&H for my Oly OM-4T. I haven’t bought a role of film in about 10 years and am looking forward to rediscovering film photography. Your site has inspired me and I’m sure a lot of other people to put the digitals down for a while and shoot film again.

    I love my 5D2 and 50 1.2 but there are so many menus and settings that I feel cramped. That thing has so many options to “improve” my pictures that I think it just makes them worse sometimes or I’m fiddling through the menus to get it set up and I end up missing a great shot of my kids. If everybody else’s kiddoes are like mine, they will never do the same thing twice when the camera is out. I feel like telling it “I just wanna take a picture!” In some ways I hope my film experience is a let down though……LOL, because if I love it, an M6 may follow. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Thanks again.


  3. Robert, all images on this site are SRGB. No fancy color profiles, just SRGB. I do not remove any info from any of the images. All exif should be attached. Thx


    • Steve,

      Just FYI – NO IMAGES here have color profiles hence…

      depending on the browser they are viewed in and the color space/calibration of the viewers monitor they will be displayed with whatever the browser’s policy is for untagged monitors vs displayed with the appropriate color translation.

      I guess it doesn’t matter if you are using a version of MicroSloth Explorer that doesn’t respect color profiles but that same is not true for Safari / Firefox users or other browsers that use Webkit.

      You may want to make sure that “embed color profile” is turned on for whatever mechanism you are using to produce your JPEG’s for the web. Typically this is OFF for “Save for web” in PS due to hysterical reasons.

      As more and more web users are dragged into the 21st century and get better monitors along with more reasonable software (like Apple/Safari/Chrome, etc) this will lead to a more consistent display of images for sophisticated users while not changing anything for the worse for browsers that do not respect profile info. Heck it even makes other color spaces work the way the should if you so choose to use them for at least some web users – like me.


  4. Steve,

    Why oh why oh why do you (and many many others) insist on REMOVING the color profile from images you post on the web?

    In case you missed it we crossed into the 21st century about 11 years ago and are no longer using a 1200baud modem to access web sites. I would much rather have the color profile in tact so that the images are translated accurately on my monitor vs. displayed in the native color space. Of course I could copy them all, assume you converted to sRGB, assign the profiles myself, and then look at them but by then my interest is gone.

    Just a plea in my mission to cure photographers of dubious hopelessly outdated practices passed on to them by old people that had know idea what they were doing.

    Yours truly – Hopeless color romantic, continuing to fight the good fight against all odds.


    • I hear you Robert. Am big on colour myself and hate to see files without proper colour profile.
      Did a quick check and downloaded one of the shots from above (last one, woman in car) and opened it in PS. Not sure whether something changed since you posted but the photo is profiled (sRGB).

      @Max … How about black & blue???

      Just kidding 😉
      Here’s a question for you … ever heard of 4 colour black & white???
      Fashion mags often use this technique to create super cool looking b&w spreads.
      I actually used the technique once for a b&w commercial. Well, let’s call it a similar technique since TV is a different medium as print. Because of it I had to go about it differently (which explains why even the guy who did the editing was flabbergasted about the result).

  5. Gary, optics planet does not advertise with me, they are put in by google via google adsense but I will see about blocking them as I am not a fan of optics planet….

  6. Steve,

    I think that you need to review who advertises on your Web Site. The ad from Planet is bogus and mis leading. The MSRP from Leica in US dollars is $ 6995.00 and not $ 7750.00 as stated by Planet with a 10% discount from the real MSRP the price would be $ 6295.50. You owe it to your readers to keep this great site of yours as clean and accurate as possible. Keep up the great work.


    • Where does it say MSRP on their ad or site? I saw on there website it says list price, not MSRP. And aren’t Leica M9’s pretty much $6995 everywhere? It’s not like they have a higher price or something. I’ve seen the same thing on J&R too.

    • I did mistake by purchasing Leica M9 with OpticsPlanet via Steve Ads Banner. OpticsPlanet shipped me look like used camera with a lot of dust and damaged package to me. For the camera costs about $7,000, everybody expects to have it in good or perfect condition.
      I was trying to support Steve website but I did a mistake by myself. Now I called my bank for dispute my purchase, and I will get a new one with Dale.
      Thanks Steve for your advice and everyone here to notice this scam dealer.

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