The ULTIMATE M9 Dream Kit!

It’s on Ebay now…the ULTIMATE Leica M9 Dream Kit. If anyone wants to donate to the site, feel free to buy it for me, ha ha! It’s only $32,000 US dollars and comes with the M9 and 6 super lenses and a snazzy case. Wanna see the listing? You can see it HERE in all its glory – Man…the M9, 50 Noctilux, 75 Summilux NEW IN BOX, 35 Summilux, 28 Summicron, 50 Summilux ASPH, 90 Summicron and all accessories. If I were loaded and had a spare $32k…I’d be soooo tempted 🙂


  1. My M9 dream kit is a little more understated:

    – Black paint M9
    – Summicron-M 1:2/28 Asph.
    – Summicron-M 1:2/50
    – Macro-Elmar-M 1:4/90 w. macro adapter

    … and maybe an old ammunition bag for low-key transport. I like to keep things simple and relatively light. Fewer lenses = less lens-swapping, and more shooting. I’m prioritising sharpness and compactness over outright speed or “wow” lenses. My pictures are supposed to be “wow”, not my lenses.

  2. Assuming you can live with less than mint- quality copies of the lenses and are patient enough to find good deals, you should be able to acquire this gear for around $26k, so you’d have enough left over to add a 21mm or 24mm lux or a WATE with frankenfinder. These are all prices I’ve seen this year at reputable stores in the US with great return policies.
    M9 7000
    nocti f/1.0 5200
    50mm 3100
    35mm 3000
    75mm 2800
    28mm 2700
    90mm 2300

  3. hmmm…or I could just pick up one of the Titanium M9’s. I would look great AND I would have $4K left over for a carbon fiber toothpick! LOL!

  4. MP + 35 cron
    M7 + 50 lux
    Bags and bags of film and I am done 🙂

    If only I could stop waking up on the middle of the night in a sweat screaming “Noctilux!” but that is another story…

  5. Not another Ultimate M9 Dream Kit for sale!

    I nearly bought one a while back, but backed out cos the cheapskate seller wouldn’t throw in a couple of memory cards 😉


  6. Nice setup, although any more than two or three lenses is a waste. The M9, MP, 1.4/35mm, and the 1.4/75mm is the perfect kit for me, and I’d spend the rest on a nice holiday to put that gear to good use…………….just need the M9.

  7. Dream camera and $32K. I am afraid all of you are thinking too small.

    If I were going to go overboard I would get this,×24.html (scroll down for the photo). Unfortunately, I do not have the knees, back, or vehicle to carry it. Though for $32K I might be able to afford the camera and vehicle.


  8. Wrong noct in that kit. No wide angle. Not the current 35mm.

    Now, if it was bought for me, I’d love it, but I’d prefer the right lenses for my “dream” kit, which would include current lenses, some WA lenses, and some smaller travel lenses… And a less conspicuous shooters bag 🙂

  9. dream kit would be more like
    m9 – noct
    m7 – 90
    m7 – 28

    and a bag of film, all kodak please and thank you, you can throw in some neopan though if you insist.

  10. $32,00?! I’d get a Pentax K-5, a few lenses… AND A NEW CAR.

    Sigh. If only…

    Though, I’m sure that 35 Lux would adapt nicely to my E-P1.

  11. For me…the lens selection is too narrow and redundant…and there is no SUPERWIDE lens, which I personally enjoy more than all the lenses in this case…
    Not my $32,000. I could spend less and get more.
    …but it still does have a drool factor….LOL!

  12. Why bother with the Noctilux when you could have a second body and a CV Nokton instead? That way you might actually be able to use this professionally, if you could somehow rationalize the insurance…

    Nice kit though. Rich dude get bored quickly?

  13. Strange… leaves me cold.

    Id rather finally see the Ricoh GXR A12 28 pop up in Europe. A great, no-nonsense, affordable and – considering the ouput – pretty high-end photographic tool.

    Concerning the price of the Leica kit I guess its not too far out if you are a) well paid professional or b) rich. However, then you would probably buy new anyway or “a la carte”.

  14. for 32k, I would have expected them to throw in a microfibre cleaning clothe for the lens, but then again, guess the guy who buys this isn’t expected to use it much !

  15. “That Noctilux lens sells for $10,500 on its own, so the $32,000 might not be as bad as you think. With the M9 body at $7000, the 90mm Summicron-M at $3700, the 35mm at a cool $5000, and the Summilux 50mm at $3700, you’re practically at $32K with taxes. What that all means is that you’re getting the carrying case, 28mm, and the 75mm pretty much for free, assuming they are actually in mint condition.”

  16. @Dan,

    Hmzzzz, my dead bought a GF1 complete with viewfinder, 7-14, 14-45, 45-200 and 20, plus a Novoflex MFT/NIK adapter for 1650 Euro……..that was a dreamkit. Light as a feather, functional, and hard to get into any situation without the proper glass. I bought a 50 mm 1.4 Nikon for 90 euro on my GF1 that becomes a 100 1.4…………nice……….! Took it out for a spin today in the fog and it pierced straight through the thickest fog to reveal the landscape hidden behind it……..I would never take a 7000 dollar camera out on a spin on a bike like I did today. Not that it’s overprices I’ve made a few testshots with an M9 and it’s a boon to use with al it’s little quirks and fantastic IQ but the price is a hindrens, not the paying part but the playing part. Just to damned risky to use without a body guard these days.

    Greetings, Ed

  17. Steve, surely you post will help spike his views.

    otto – don’t worry if things go well you’ll get that suitcase from Leica except all new lol.

  18. Bleh…the Nocti is the old Nocti, not the one with the pull-out hood or the new f0.95. The 35 lux is probably the first version, not the latest version, so I can do without the focus shift issues. There aren’t any super-wide angle lenses (28 and 35 are too close together) – WATE would’ve been nice, or at least the 21 or 24 Lux. Definitely not the ultimate dream kit.

    • Focus shift issues on the last version of the 35 lux is way overstated. Just like when folks trash the M8.2! So get over it. The redesigned 21 / 24 / 35 were done for full frame sensor on the M9. Just a matter of time before we see this working up the line.

      I state this as someone who owns (and actually shoots) the “old” lux on my M8.2 and M9.

      BTW: Maybe placing my personal landscape shooter Leica dream kit up for sale sometime soon as well. Moving on to medium format.

  19. It’s a nice looking kit, but I personally can think of much better ways to spend photography funds.
    If limited to one camera:

    Pentax 645 AFD with 55 – 11,000
    2 upcoming digital lenses – 4,000
    3 Elinchrom Ranger Quadra – 4500
    Lighting Accessories – 1000

    1 Week With this Guy in the Swiss Alps: 4,500

    $5000 worth of classes at the Rocky Mountain School of Photography

    $2000 left over for whatever you want… perhaps a REALLY nice road trip for when you are finished at RMSP (maybe hire a sherpa to carry all of your beautiful new gear, or a personal trainer to get you in shape, rather than be a scrawny-girly-photo man)

  20. I’d personally forego the 28 Cron and 35 Lux (unless it was the new one.) I’d add the 21/24 Lux and 35 Cron as a substitute.

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