Awesome Photo Seminar Jan 7-9, emphasis on Leica in NYC

Good friend and fellow Leica user Thorsten Overgaard is in NYC right now preparing for his Seminar that is coming up Jan 7-9. Thorsten’s seminars are fantastic and all of those whom I talked to who attended one came away very happy. He has dates for NYC which as I stated is Jan 7-9 and he has upcoming seminars in Hong Kong and Tokyo. He has 2-3 spots left for NYC so check out the details HERE at his site. If you sign up be sure to tell him I SENT YOU!

He also still has his Extension Course that you can do from your own home and computer. Very cool. You can check that out HERE.

Here are a few shots he sent me last week, all taken in NYC during the holiday season. Wish I was there!


  1. I would highly recommend Thorsten’s photo seminar to anybody! No matter what your skill level is you’ll walk away feeling like you got something out of it. I did the seminar in London in September, 2010 and really enjoyed it. Thorsten is a great guy to talk and shoot photography with for a couple of days…

  2. Hey, you too should consider a Chicago workshop: maybe, from diverse angles both in and
    out-of-doors, one with a strong emphasis on the multifarious flow of daily (and nightly) life amongst its many architectural gems.

  3. Thank you Steve! I discovered Thorsten’s work through your site and have signed up for his upcoming workshop in Hong Kong. It’s only a few weeks away and I’m excited to walk the streets of Hong Kong with a pro like Thorsten.

    Happy New Year to you and I’m looking forward to watching the site develop in 2011.


  4. Nice pictures Thorsten!

    For anyone who has never been to an event of his, they are totally worth checking out. He has such a well rounded approach to photography and image making. It will make you re-think how you take pictures.

  5. Lets not forget Seattle and the greater Puget Sound area! There are at least two Leica users I can think of that will attend, and there are several good locations for photography.

  6. Just wish I could make it, would love to learn under Thorsten’s inspiring tuition face to face especially in NYC. Any chance you could make it over to Somerset, England for a seminar some day Thorsten? LOL 😀

  7. Inspiring photos. One of these days, Thorsten, I’ll make it to one of your seminars, but alas, I’ll be travelling during this upcoming seminar. All of the best to you, and I look forward to joining you at a seminar someday soon!

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