SLR Magic TOY LENS for Micro 4/3 – Fun, fun fun!


The SLR Magic TOY LENS for Micro 4/3 Cameras – Fun, Fun, Fun!

By Steve Huff

Just when I thought I was having a ton of fun with the SLR Magic 35 1.7 lens on the Sony NEX-5 I get a UPS delivery from SLR Magic with yet ANOTHER fun lens inside. This time it is a 26mm 1.4 TOY LENS for Micro 4/3 mount (which comes out to be a 52MM lens on Micro 4/3). Yep, this is a new SLR Magic lens and it is LOADS of fun, works great in low light, and is EASY to manual focus. I shot quite a few images last night using an Olympus E-PL1 with the lens and most were at ISO 1600 in low light. Was quite happy with the results considering this is marketed as a “Toy Lens”.

As you can see from the photos, you do get that Toy Lens look but it’s pretty unique, strangely swirly, and gives very shallow depth of field. If you are after sharpness you will not get it with this lens (well, it CAN be sharp at the focus point) but what you will get is a funky character and TINY size. On the E-PL1 this guy is TINY! I had a blast shooting with it and is yet another SLR Magic lens I am keeping for my collection! I also feel that using this one the E-Pl1 (which can be found pretty cheap these days) gives some of the best results due to the weak AA filter on this camera vs the E-P2 and others. I think I will start carrying this combo with me everywhere because no matter what I shoot with it I get unique results. Love it!

You can buy the SLR Magic Lens direct on Ebay. My experience with them has been AWESOME. VERY speedy and VERY professional. How much does this lens go for? A whopping $119.95! NOT bad at all for a lens with this much fun factor. I can recommend this lens to ant M4/3 user who wants their images to get a funky, creative kick in the pants. 🙂 The lens comes with a lens cap and several color “bands” so you can customize the look of your lens. Pretty cool, and well, toy like! I may like this one better than the 35 1.7 offering that they sell for the NEX and M4/3 cameras.

Of course, SLR Magic also sells other items and you can see all of their goodies HERE. To go direct to the TOY LENS page for M4/3, just click here!

ALL images below were shot wide open with the lens at f/1.4. This creates VERY shallow depth of field and a minimal area in the center that is sharp. SLR Magic says the more you stop the lens down, the sweet spot gets sharper and larger. I shot all of these in an Applebees during happy hour 🙂 No one had a problem with me shooting and most hammed it up for the camera. This combo is very low key and that is a good thing when it comes to candid photography.

With this lens it is now possible to get some crazy effects from your M4/3 camera. Seeing that it is a wide aperture lens at 1.4 AND a 26mm lens (which equals a 52mm on M4/3) it makes the perfect focal length for these little cameras. The effect is *almost* like an original F1 Noctilux but WAY more out there, not as sharp, and way more swirly 🙂

Here are two images that show what you can expect at f/1.4 and then f4. At F1.4 the bokeh is pretty insane but again, it can be fun with limited use. Even at f/4 the depth of field is pretty shallow but notice how the lens sharpens up in the middle.

For $119 you just cant go wrong! This Toy Lens is fun and I am happy to see lenses like this come out that are so affordable and a blast to use.

Here are a few more silly shots I quickly snapped in the E-PL1 Grainy B&W Mode..Enjoy!


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  1. I’m impressed! I hope my PEN E-PL1 and my ToyLens on the cheap (25mm C-Mount and Adapter, 29,90 on Ebay) will be on my doorstep real soon.

  2. FYI, this is literally a $10 Ebay security camera lens, and a $10 C mount adapter. What a brilliant move marking it up to $100 with a colorful label and a cute name. Brilliant marketing by the seller.

  3. REALLY curious why you mention price at $79 and their website charges $199 — quite a difference.

    Also, you mention that SLR magic is $99 and the website charges $129???

    These lenses look really interesting but am curious about the price discrepancy.

    Thank you. LOVE your website, Steve.

    • I paid $99 for the lens and $79 for shipping. Seems like they have lower shipping cost now. They did that before to lower customs tax i think

  4. Which SLR magic lens is better 26mm or 35mm? I’m mostly interested in portraits. I have GF2 + 20mm 1.7 lens but maybe SLR 35mm is better for portraits, better bokeh and skin not so sharp??

  5. Looks like a really cool Toy !

    Ordered one a couple of days ago and looking forward to testing this out on my Oly E-P1.

  6. I just checked eBay, I could only find it for $99 plus $20 shipping! 🙁 I guess I will have to wait! :*-(

  7. Oh cool!!! I am going to get one of these for my E-PL1. This looks like a load of fun!!
    Thanks for sharing the find!

  8. Seriously love this cool, fun lens. What an awesome effect in the out of focus background!! So swirly and trippy!!!

  9. Hi Steve,
    I second Ashwin’s comment on the gurls. LOL… Kidding

    Looks amazing this lens, I m getting one.


    • I have to say this lens is so much fun. Just shot more with it and its so easy to use and the results are always so unique. It almost is like a poor mans Noctilux for your M4/3. No joke. Im not saying it is just like a Nocti, not at all BUT….you cant deny the results and for the $$ it’s a no brainer. It’s build is on the cheap side, it’s corners are crazy soft and blurry, and the bokeh is as swirly as they come BUT for $79 it is a must own for your M4/3. Funnest lens of 2010!

  10. Happy New Year to you and Brandon Steve. Thanks for all the amazing inspiration and instruction this year. Here’s wishing you a fantastic 2011.

  11. What I wanna know is who’s the girl in pics 4 and 5, and I hope you got her number, bro ;)…


    Seriously though, it looks like a fun lens for that heavy handed old school look, Happy New Years, Steve!

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