The Leica M9 Contest Grand Prize just got better!


ATTENTION! I am adding a lens to the grand prize Leica M9 for the contest!

OK…so if you have not heard about the Leica M9 Give Away here on this site then you are either here for the first time or you somehow missed 3-4 postings about it. The contest is underway and over 110 entries have been submitted so far.


There are 20 days left to enter the contest and the 1st prize is the Leica M9 camera donated by Seal. The 2nd prize is a Leica V-Lux 20 camera donated by Leica Camera. I urge you all to take a shot at this and enter!

Some of you who have entered have told me that even if you win you would not be able to use the camera because you could not afford a lens. I understand this because even the non Leica branded lenses like Voigtlanders can be in the $500-$1100 range for the better glass.

So what I have decided to do is to sweeten up the grand prize with my own Leica 50 Summitar vintage lens from the 40’s. I reviewed this lens on an M9 and you can see that HERE. There have been other posts with this lens and an M9, like this one. I love this lens and it was given to me by a generous reader here so why not pass it along to the winner of this contest so they have a camera and lens set? No, it’s not a fancy $3000 Leica lens but it’s pretty unique and will give you a very classic look when shot on the M9.


In order for the winner of the M9 to get the 50 Summitar lens included they must be following me on my new facebook fan page! Well, not “following” but you must “like” the page. Basically, just go to my fan page HERE ans click on “like”. If you have already done this in the past 2 weeks then no need to do anything else. Basically, whoever wins the contest will be sent the lens if their name is in my list of people who like my stevehuffphoto fan page on facebook! If not you still win the M9 of course but without the lens. You still have to register here and at to enter the contest but the 50mm Summitar was just something to sweeten the deal for the winner 🙂

This is just a way to be able to give a lens with the camera AND for me to build up my facebook page for this site! To be clear, you have to “Like” my stevehuffphoto facebook fan page HERE.

Good luck to all! It’s getting exiting as I am seeing new entries every single day. The prizes are amazing so be sure and read all of the rules HERE and enter before the Feb 05th 2011 deadline!



  1. Where is Seal’s signature going to be? If I win this camera I’m going to use it like hell, but it would be a shame is the signature rubbed off… Is it going to be engraved?

  2. Wowowow!! This is getting better and better! Thank you, Steve, for the extra “sugar” to the grand prize! Wooohoo this will be so much fun! =D

  3. That is great Steve. Of course if someone wins who already has a lens, you could give the lens a away seperately to one of us in need. 😉

    • I don’t use it either. And I don’t want to use it. So even if i like your page I will delete this FB-Account a few days later.

  4. I guess I’ll enter something taken with my iPhone even though I don’t think I would win. But who knows…

  5. Wow, that’s a great give-away. I have been working too much lately, so I haven’t had a chance to go out and snap some shots. With a prize like this, I think I need to enter.

  6. Sweet! I had already been following you and your new page on facebook, but really nice addon!

  7. AWESOME! This is too good to be true! Steve you are ridiculously generous! I’m speechless! I’m officially dropping out of grad school to take photos these last 20 days non stop ;-)!

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