Daily Inspiration #188 by Pat Carosone

Pat Carosone from Camden, NY

Sahara Delight

This first photo was shot many years ago, it was my first attempt at shooting a Nude. It was sho with a Leica IIIf and a 50mm Summicron lens. The camera was given to me as a down payment on a car I was selling. The buyer was the Prince of Thailand, who was visiting our country, with a friend of mine, during their Summer recess from England. I was new to photography then and I knew what I wanted but had no light source and everything I tried wouldn’t give me he soft light I was looking for. I finally settled on the light from a B/W TV set control;ing the amount of light with the brightness control. I took me a while to get a print I was happy with and finally settled on Agfa Brovera #6, it was a warm tone high contrast matte paper. I sent the print to a contest in a magazine called Camera 35 and a week later I received a call from the editor who told me how much she loved it and that it reminded her of sand dunes so she named it Sahara Delight, I hope you like it, this was shot over 40 years ag, on TriX film and processed inMicrodol, I believe the ASA was 80o.

The Lighted Path

This was one of the first shots I took with my then new M8. We had just had a big snow storm and I was out walking my dog when I realized what a dramatic effect the one outside lamp made, so I brought the dog in and got my camera. This was hand held a 1/15 of a sec in my driveway. The lens was a 21mm Zeiss Biogon, also brand new.

Early Snow

This was a surprise snowfall that came in the middle of October and left us with a foot of snow, we still had Fall foliage on the trees. Shot with the M8 and 21mm Biogon.


  1. QUOTE it reminded her of sand dunes so she named it Sahara Delight UNQUOTE

    Reminds me of the joke about the old spinster who had saved a newspaper from WW2 with he heading
    “Sahara Pipeline Laid By 200 Men in 2 Weeks”

  2. First shot: GORGEOUS…
    Nudes are extremely difficult to do well without looking tacky

    Second shot: MEH.
    Looks like someone with a tripod and a new wide angle lens got bored one winter night.

    Third shot: MY EYES!! MY EYES!!
    Are you sure this is not a painting that Thomas Kinkade rejected? HDR at its absolute worst.

    I just can n o t believe the same photographer took these three.

  3. Hi Pat

    I love the first photograph, it reminds me of Barbera Hepworth’s work all be it in another medium.

    Thanks Peter

  4. Good story and the b&w image is amazing. Shows you what a little thinking about composition, lighting, exposure and development can do!

  5. Have to say, I prefer the 40 year old shot. The others are nice too but I struggle with HDR. Looking beyond the technical side, a lovely scene with a feeling like I just want to get into that house and open up a bottle of hearty red wine! Nice!

      • Why not? Because it’s ugly and looks fake. Also, if you insist to use the effect at all, then with restraint please. This is halo galore…

        • The only photo of these three that was treated was #3 , the night shot of my home is straight out of the camera. It was the first nite shot I took with the M8 and it was shot hand held in my driveway. #3 was treated with a Topaz filter, some like some don’t and it doesn’t work well on all images but it’s a nice filter to play with.

  6. Hi Pat,

    Thanks for sharing such beautiful photos. My favourite is the third one, I can feel the mood.
    I’ve been thinking to buy the Biogon 21mm, and your photos has been inspiring me further to make the decision.


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