Daily Inspiration #194 by Jake Astig

Hi Steve,

Wanted to submit these photographs for your daily inspiration page. These were taken using a Mamiya C3 Twin Lens Reflex camera, with the 80mm F2.8 lens, and Tri-X 400 film.

The owners needed 20×24 photos of their work to be displayed during their first year anniversary party so they asked us to do it for them in exchange for free tattoos. Needless to say, we had a blast during the party and well, I still haven’t collected my free tattoo.

The Fairie photo is my favorite because the tattoo is unique. It’s very feminine. Most tattoos are clearly delineated and the borders are very clear. This one was very soft and light and the transition from clear skin to ink was very gradual.



  1. awesome, I just got a yashicamat TLR, cant wait for my big box of film goodness to arrive so I can feed it something good.

  2. What lovely photographs…i really like these! The light, the texture… the emotional tone within each of the captures! Congrats!
    sori gottdenker

  3. Really like these, a different sort of old school look but with interesting composition and use of light. So nice.

  4. Beautiful images! I miss my old Yashica twin lend reflex, fantastic way to take photos! Great work… good luck with your new tattoo 🙂

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