Daily Inspiration #201 by Miguel Angel Perez Tejerina

Hi there!

My name is Miguel Angel Perez Tejerina and 2010 has been the most
exciting year of my life, living 18.000 km away from home, landed the job that I had been
dreaming about for the last 12 years…

That excitement was reflected by my insane boost in photographic habits shifting from shooting
a mere 1000 pics per year to over 12000, most of them duds needless to say 🙂

Along the shooting frenzy I have read a lot about photography and always bugged me that
sometimes, people seem read too much into a photography, you can’t really think about all that
stuff when you are shooting right? I never understood that, and being heavily left brained for
the last 29 years made it sound like baloney to me.

Along came the second picture (untitled), when I saw the situation I though “Cool, two couples, old and
young,and a far background element”, first try to “secure” something, fast and sloppy, instinctively,
just in case. Left side kicks in: move, recompose, shoot a couple more, wait for a more compelling
moment, nah,a couple of more, meh, it is gone, over.

A month later, I liked the first “instinct” shot a lot more, which already tells a story about
overthinking a photograph, and while I was “developing” it, I began to ADD or SEE a lot of meanings
to the picture, sort of adding meaning as a post-process (not by means of post-processingin any way).

Adding or seeing “meaning” to the photo was fun, but I’m sure it has to do a lot more with me as a
viewer than as a photographer… after all, all I saw was “young vs old” contrast with a nice background.

The first one “Awe” is from Milford Sound in New Zealand, words or pictures can’t explain what’s like to be
there. Shot with the my wonderfully small (Olympus) e-410…

For the second one, Untitled, I used a borrowed (Olympus) e-620 that I was test-driving and my loved 9-18mm

The little fella in the third picture got me in a very weird position for 5 minutes until he hit the pose, again with
my trusty e-410 and the wonderful kit lens 40-150mm @ Sydney’s Taronga Zoo


Have fun and shoot, shoot shoot!

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  1. Thanks for your kind comments.


    The colors are easy to get, just read some photohop tutorials about “cross-process” to get
    the idea behind and then replicate it on your own, to your taste or photo needs, not really a big
    fan of getting actions and just clicking away :). Also being a low contrast cloudy day, helps to get
    easy to post process histograms with lots of usable data.


    I like a lot the fact that both men are “away”

  2. love them ! And agree with you, I think too, the read on a photo tells more about the viewer than the photographer.


  3. Very nice photos, colours on the second and third photos are subtle and nice but the first photo is definitely my favourite. Also my compliments on your flickr stream, very nice work.

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