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From Steve: Today I wanted to post this nice little guest post by a photographer that I have been a fan of for years. Peter has a charming way of capturing life’s moments that can make you smile, make you think and other times make you cry. He posted some before for us and he has now returned with more shots to share once again. Thanks Peter!

Life’s Little Moments.

“For me, photo-making is most enjoyable when I look at capturing life’s little moments.


A shy smile, the spangles of light reflecting off moving water, the floating elements of a scene converging just so….


Those infinitesimally small moments hold infinite beauty for me.


Life’s little dance is all around us, revealing the wonderment in us, and reflecting the spotlight back on us.


It’s up to us to see.”


—Peter | Prosophos

Peter’s Portfolio


  1. I loved looking at these images. The light in the rainbow picture is just beautiful and the little boy having his first proper haircut? I was instantly transported back to thirty years ago and sitting my own son in the Barber’s chair for the first time. I am glad both my son and my grandson enjoy taking pictures and sending me their experiences in pictorial form by email! Memories to treasure!

  2. Thanks Steve for the very kind write-up and for posting these images in the first place. I can’t wait to see your images from the upcoming tour!

    Thanks too to J, Jean-Pierre, Hugo, Frank, cidereye, Stephen, Kristian, jack, Laurent, and Chad. I am always humbled when “strangers” take the time to view my images, and moreover, take the time to write such nice words.

    Ashwin, I too remember the “ole DPReview days” with great fondness. It was when I first made the transition to Leica (M8) and there I was looking at your and Steve’s images almost daily, while doing my best to keep up. It was about as friendly a “competition” as you could have, and you’re correct, you two inspired me to be a better photographer.

    I know you still post there and I miss the fact that you don’t Steve, but of course you are busy with this great sight. Keep up the enthusiasm and infectious love of photography!

    Thanks again everybody,


    • You are welcome Peter! LOVE your work, always have. You have a magical way of capturing those “life’s little moments” and hopefully one day me, you and Ashwin can all meet and spend a day shooting. That would be cool huh? Thanks for sending these in, and sorry it took so long to post!

      Yep, the DP review days…I remember when you bought your M8 and were posting all of those great shots. I hope to seem more from you soon!


  3. Peter, as you know, I have been a long time admirer or your work. I remember the good ole’ DPReview days of a few years back when I first discovered the work of you and Steve, and how inspired I was to be a better photographer by seeing what you were accomplishing. Congrats, kudos. Lovely images….glad to see you back in the Leica fold, and sharing here!

  4. ~6,

    BTW, for a cheap option, I found that the dimensions of the GXR with 50mm are almost the exact same as the Nikon P90, so the P90 case should be a perfect fit. It’s not attractive, but small and suitable for throwing in another bag.

    Plus, it’s only ~ $14 at B&H

  5. I agree with Kristian Dowling… these images are wonderful. But, really, his images are just good because of the nice equipment he has. 😉

    Steve, I’d love to see a guest essay by the featured photographer (before LFI grabs him up). The only problem that I can see is that he’s so good that, instead of inspiring me, he just makes me feel really bad about my own skills.

  6. Great shots Peter. I seem to remember some of these from the past, have you posted them at RFF or somewhere before?

  7. Fantastic.
    It’s just what i’m looking for every time i shut the camera button.
    We don’t hold a camera, but a freezing-time content.

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