A trip to Sugar Loaf in Rio Brazil

Heading up to Sugar Loaf, Rio Brazil

Today was a day off in Rio Brazil and even though the weather here is rainy and grey today, some of the band members and myself went up to Sugar Loaf mountain (can read the Wiki HERE). Sugar Loaf is the typical tourist attraction in Rio but it is still a must see kind of thing. Basically, you start out at the bottom and take a cable car up to the top of the mountain and then get out and see the nice views of the city below.

Of course I brought along my Steel Grey M9 (that has been performing amazingly I might add) and the 35 Summicron and 90 Summarit. It’s been fun re-bonding with this camera 🙂

Coming back down on the 2nd car I snapped these two cool shots with the M9 and 35 Summicron.

Once we reached the top we were in the clouds and it the visibility was ZERO! I snapped  the shot below of Sarah on the railing.  I did not blow out the background! This is exactly what we saw…NOTHING!

This was snapped on the 1st level before we went up to the top. I love taking shots into mirrored surfaces for some reason, lol.

On the 1st level the view was amazing! It was cloudy but it was still possible to see the amazing views of Rio…shot with the 90.

The clouds lurk in…

At the half way point there were little monkeys all over the place and they seemed friendly but I didn’t risk my fingers by attempting  to pet one. Instead I shot these with the 90 Summarit.

The weather was getting cooler and the rain started coming down harder so we left and came back to the hotel where I am now at, sitting at the desk in my room looking out the window at the grey gloom that surrounds the city. I don’t mind it as I know I will have nothing but sun and heat when I get back home to Phx, AZ 🙂

I think I will head down to the cafe for some Spaghetti Bolognese for lunch. It’s pretty tasty 🙂 I’ll have some guest posts coming up really soon, in the next few days. Also, more Seal tour reports!


A few requested some color shots…here is one 🙂

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  1. Hey Steve! Where`s the obligatory shot by everybody visiting Rio, in popularity right after Copocabana beach with bundinas and waterfront hotels. I mean Christ himself. I can see an idea in the girl with outstretched arms but she looks to nice to have a beard photoshoped on. Maybe The Man was shrouded in the mist, or maybe you don`t want spread the gospel or just plainly you don`t care. Easy, just joking, made enough trouble with my u.p.c. remarks. By the way, it would be nice to have a pict taken with circular fish-eye and the convert it into V.R. thus we could share your
    impression of Rio universe. Alas Mighty Leica doesn`t makes one neither does inventive VoightCosina. I know, I know, we can put slr glass on with appropriete adapter but the can you immagine Nikor 2,8/8 on Leica! So Heilige Solmz please compact 8mm aperture 4-5,6. I know it will cost zilions but Nike it! (just do it). Do you hear mr. Kobayashi? Here is a chance to outsmart Red Logo. Compact full frame fish wouldn`t be bad either. Enough for this time, gone fishing.

  2. Steve, vous savez rendre passionnant le moindre détail de vie dans ce périple non moins passionnant qu’est le circuit des concerts de Seal, un monde peut-être abordable et humain dans un monde peut-être inabordable… enfin, c’est ma pensée. Continuez, j’attends la suite avec impatience, et merci pour la qualité de vos clichés!!!

  3. WoW and you managed to picture one of the biggest yachts, OCTOPUS. I guess you did not know.
    I love what you are doing.

  4. If it was a clear day, to the right of Sarah ( Right railing) you would be able to see Copacabana Beach in its whole extension.
    I live in Rio myself and took some pictures there a few months ago.

  5. Hey Steve, sometimes bad weather could be just the opposite for photography! I love your ‘misty boat’ picture! It’s so pictorialistic, very much to my taste. My second favourite is the one above it, with a bird flying over the city. And my third favourite is Sarah against the buddhist background. But this one is weaker than the other two, I think, for one reason: with her feet in the frame it would have been a much better composition. In fact, it would have been just perfect.

    I wish I was there with you guys! I’d just go wild with my M9! Permanently chained to my body, of course. I am not as brave as you.


  6. Hi Steve,

    Do not miss the book Mario Rio Testino, from Mario Testino published last year. Great homage to this wonderful city and its people.

  7. great pictures! love it in b&w! you’re a lucky guy, I never saw a monkey there! tks for sharing your photos and showing Brasil in such a special view.

  8. Great shots, Steve!
    The Sarah’s one is my fav., its a surrealistic kind!
    When you come to Recife, try to walk on by Olinda, and “Old Recife”, you will love it!

  9. These pictures are just great, Steve! I’d love to know a little more about your post-processing, these are all very filmlike.

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