Daily Inspiration #204 by Keith Greenough

Dear Steve

Here are a couple of portraits of my mother, which I took on a recent visit. She is 85 years old and suffers badly from a number of ailments. Nevertheless she keeps on smiliing. These two shots were taken whilst we were chatting and having fun. They make me happy. I hope they cheer up others two. We have lots to live for and we should all make the most of what we have.

Both images were taken with an M9 and 50mm Summicron. I also used a Metz flash bounced off the wall behind me to provide some fill for her face. The Leica is a non threatening camera and works really well for informal portraits such as these. With the Metz flash it is a little more imposing and unwieldy, but without it these shots would simply have not worked!

Have a happy day!!

Keith Greenough


  1. Beauty in every line. Really wonderful photographs Keith which capture your mother’s warmth and spirit as well as her likness.

  2. thanks…brightened my day this morning to see these. I hope your mother keeps on smiling!

  3. What a lovely shots of your mom. On the second shot the fill on shadow areas of her face are perfect and the slight catchlight from the Metz makes her eyes just pop!


  4. Your mum looks quite a character from the photographs, and still obviously has a zest for life – nice to see elderly people laughing. Nice informal portraits. Best wishes to you and your mother.


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