Daily Inspiration #211 by Christophe Carlier

Hi Steve,

My name is Christophe Carlier, i’m french, and first i must to tell that your
site is great!
I think you encourage me too buy my Leica M8, and for this, thank you Steve.
I began photography 5 or 6 years ago, at the begin my insperation are the
British and American landscape photographer like Adam Burton. But your site open
for me other photography’s doors, like portrait, city…report, More human

Today i work with an Leica M8.1 camera, with lens like a Summicron-C 40mm,
Nokton 50mm f1.1, Voigtlandermm 15 & 12mm.
All pictures attach here are taken with the M8.

My web site: www.christophecarlier.com

Thanks to pay attention to me.

Best regards,

Christophe Carlier.


  1. Bonjour Christophe,

    J’aime beaucoup le troisième portrait, celui en N&B. Peux-tu en dire plus sur ce cliché ?

    Merci d’avance,

  2. Lovely work! I especially like the first two but the landscape is also a beautiful photograph. Many thanks for sharing.

  3. Hi Christophe,
    like your stream on the website too; wonderful clear colors; are they shot with the Voigtlander 12/15 lenses too?
    Regards – Matthias (Germany)

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