I welcome a new site sponsor! Noktor & SLR Magic!

Today I welcome a new site sponsor, NOKTOR! Just recently SLR Magic has resurrected the Noktor brand and has re-released the 50 f/0.95 for the Micro 4/3 mount as well as the Sony NEX E-Mount! SLR Magic and Noktor have some exciting things planned for Β the near future so be sure to keep a lookout for the reviews of ALL of their new products on this very website. Welcome Noktor/SLR Magic!


    • NO, I have mentioned this about 20 times now πŸ™‚ TOTALLY different lens. The 50 f/0.95 is for NEX or M4/3 mount. They are not full frame lenses nor the same design, lens, size or anything. The LM T0.95 is in reality an f/0.92 lens and about 2 1/2 times the size of the NEX f/0.95 and MUCH better quality.

  1. If they can make this lens with auto focus on the NEX then it will be a reasonable price. We just don’t know what the new update is but @ $1000, just add $199 we can own a new Fuji X100 πŸ˜€

  2. Hi All,

    “they may be doing some work on the lens”, I %^&$#%* hope so …

    A big surprise to say the least. As reviewed, a dreadful lens in all accounts. The comparison to the Voigtlander is a great reminder of why this is such a surprising move, and at $1000 they must be joking ?

    I am grateful to them for the support of this site, I do find it an odd situation for you Steve you hardly spoke roses in your review of their product. Glad they are so objective with their support for the site and look forward to the improvements and new “cool lenses “.


    I hate making such a negative post on this site as I feel like I am just shooting the messenger

  3. That’s a bit of a surprise. So from their site the lens is now a grand and you felt it was a bad lens to begin with, when it was 200-300 cheaper. Expensive for a rebranded cctv lens with a neon green ring. IIRC, you felt it was soft, no contrast, etc.. and overpriced.

    Did they change the lens or just buy the company? Will they be lowering the prices to match other lensbaby pricing?

    Seems like a really odd move to buy a failed company with not so great reputation to expand.

    • From what I understood they may be doing some work on the lens to improve it, and it may do much better on the NEX. Who knows, but $1000 is a but steep. Also, I do not think Noktor went out of business due to lack of sales, but rather a lack of knowing how to keep up with their sales. Who knows, but I do know that they will be coming out with some really cool lenses soon that look promising. If the lenses are good, they will stay alive. If not, then they will not.

      • Thanks!

        Now on to the leica 25/1.4 for mft! If only they would release some non pas cameras to go with it. :/

        • The Leica 25/1.4 is a beauty……
          I use it on my Olympus E5 for portraits.
          See my photo.[img]http://www.fotocommunity.de/pc/pc/mypics/25953/display/24896162[/img]

  4. I have been following them on Twitter and they said that they are still going to sell the 50 f/0.95 at $1000 which is at the level of Cosina Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f/1.1. I was expecting it to be a bit cheaper. I hope they can adjust the price, I think that is the whole reason why Noktor closed it’s business.

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