Some cool buys in the classifieds right NOW!

In case you guys have missed it, there are always some cool items in the classifieds here on the site! Here are just a few of the great items for sale right now!


Leica 35 Summilux ASPHERICAL (AA) – $7750 – USA

Leica Summicron 40mm – Australia

Leica 35 Summilux II FLE – $7200 – USA

Fuji X100 with hood! – USA

Leica 35 Summarit – USA

Leica M9 – Black – USA


AND much more. You can see all ads HERE.


  1. also, I’m selling a 50 cron current version and a 24 summilux asph. Haven’t heard too much from them. Great lenses both

  2. Nevermind, I guess its normal after looking around. I just can’t believe the price discrepancies between ver.1 and ver.2…3000 on average. Is the elimination of a little bit of focus shift worth that much?

  3. Isnt Summilux 35 f/1.4 FLE just another name for the current Summilux with a floating element? If so isn’t $7200 a bit high even in todays drought market?

  4. The x100 for $1400 is a “cool buy”? I can walk a block and buy it brand new off the shelf for $1199 (I was just looking at it 30 minutes ago). That’s with an actual warranty that will work, with a receipt 😉 .

    Not price-policing, the seller can ask whatever he wants, just saying that it isn’t really a “cool buy”.

    • $1199 plus tax and without the $129 hood. The one in the classifieds is $1400 with the $129 hood, no tax. Also, not everyone can “walk down the street” and buy an X100. From what I can see, no one online has one in stock, and NO stores near me have it. So to some, this would be a cool buy. Thx 🙂

      • If you can walk down the street and buy it for $1199, then you should buy it and sell it on ebay for 2 hundred bucks more easy and then you have netted a good $130 in profit or so. Heck, buy a bunch of them at your store and sell them! I just bought one for $1399 as I couldn’t get one anywhere. That’s what they go for now!

        $6300 for an M9 used is an average deal though. I’ve been looking a lot lately and they seem to go for the $5900 to $6300 range, rarely above $6300 used if ever.

      • Yes, the hood for $129 ($89 a my local shop). It’s funny, Canadians are actually getting better prices on this camera (and accessories).

        Regardless, thanks for the blog Steve, keep up the good work.

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