Something wicked this way comes…a new 50 f/0.95 lens for M mount?

FULL FRAME 50 0.95 from Noktor. Coming soon.

So this new lens is on the way from Noktor…you remember Noktor. They were a new company over a year ago, released a micro 4/3 0.95 25mm and them faded away. Well, Noktor was recently bought by SLR Magic and they are dedicated to creating more new lenses and this one will be a doozy. Now, I do not have confirmation on anything here but I was told that this lens is NOT for Nikon. NOT for Canon. It is an all new lens made by NOKTOR and the image above is their prototype.

AGAIN, it is an ALL NEW LENS and is getting ready to be announced SOON. It is not an E mount, not a micro 4/3 mount as they already sell a lens in that mount. THIS is a different beast altogether. I have spoken with SLR Magic and Noktor, so this I know.

Hmmm. What do I see? After studying the image for a while I think I see a slide out hood much like the Noctilux 0.95. Could this be a Leica M mount 50 f/0.95? If so, this can be very interesting as the price for this lens would probably be way way less although the quality will also be less.

If it is an M mount, I’d drop the green ring and replace it with black AND if you are listening Noktor, give it a scalloped focus ring. If you remember Noktor was toying with the idea of creating a 90 F/2 M MOUNT lens for a few hundred dollars a while back. Key word is M MOUNT…would they make this for Sony full frame DSLRs? Unlikely. They have already confirmed it is not for Canon or Nikon. That leaves Leica. This could get VERY interesting! Also, check out the rounded aperture blades!

If I hear anything with details or confirmation of mount I will post it here 1st! If it is for Sony, well, that could be interesting too but if I were a betting man….

Whatever mount I really hope the quality is there and the price is reasonable. It’s always cool to have an 0.95 in the bag without spending $10k to do so. Lol. If and when this thing is released I will be reviewing it no doubt!

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  1. Hello hello, all you guys. Wonder what calendar you use, looks like one that has aprils fool day just around. Ho,ho,ho. A 50/0,95 better then nokton, equaling noctilux, for probably less then 1000 devalued hongkong dollars, thats the stuff for serious gossip on Leica Adoration Site! To correct one of expectant guys hoping for one for pentax, yes that`s true, it wil fit Pentax Q. First batch of 50 will be given to lucky few who`ll guess what`s the optical part is made of. ( glass, plastic, waterlens, electromagneto lightrays bending system and more). There`s one more possibility. Due to introduction of the new 0.95, Leica might sell the load of unfinished glass elements for previuos 50/1 to Noktor who in turn will suprise the world with their new product. One thing is for sure, their bokeh will be second to none.

  2. Well the site currently says 4/3 & Sony E-Mount, of which the “..the lens covers the entire image sensor, and does not produce any vignetting” – but nothing anywhere suggests it’s FF.

    I know you have probably seen this – and read it, and you may be hinting and hoping for it to be otherwise. However with the M mount being a comparatively tiny market – not really sure that would make business sense for a start up to have the M be their next target, vs say Canon/Nikon. Conversely AS a start up – with e-Mount & 4/3 already under way, the ability to scale production to M mount customers is a LOT easier than the demand Canon/Nikon would bring.

    We shall see!

  3. Uuhm…just google it, there’s a site just for this lens…ist for mft and e-mount.

    …and is about 8500 $…. so much for the price…

    • The lens I am talking about here is an ALL NEW lens, not yet announced guys. It is NOT E-Mount, it is not Micro 4/3 mount, it is not Canon or Nikon. It is a for a full frame sensor camera, and is an all new lens design, NOT the same one they currently sell. I spoke with Noktor and SLR Magic and confirmed all of this 🙂

  4. I think you’re probably right. The lens diameter appears to be to narrow for any 35mm dslr at that apperture. Looks smaller than Sigma 1.4 or Cannon 1.2.

  5. Who’s talking of full frame apart from being “maybe” a lens for a M?

    And Pentax has a medium format… Who knows? The only things we know is that it’s not for a Nikon or a Canon, maybe for an M mount… But my comment was only wishful thinking (for my K-5).

  6. I’m not very excited.. Tried the Nokton 1.1 and wasn’t really impressed. I expect even worse quality with this one.

  7. It looks like they are not even interested in the M mount for now, they have this survey on their site:

    What mount would you like to see lenses designed for?
    Canon EF Mount
    Nikon F Mount
    Four Thirds Mount
    PL Cinema Mount

  8. Hi, i fund this on NOKTOR’s site: “With a maximum aperture of F0.95, the Noktor Hyperprime is the fastest lens designed for Micro Four Thirds and E-mount cameras”

  9. M-Mount makes sens as it also follows Noktor’s&SLRmagic costumer base – which are m43 and NEX users who prefer M-mount lens due to short-flange distance

    • I seriously doubt there are any c-mount to M-mount adapters in the market for them to do so. However, could it be possible NEX-7 is a full frame NEX and this is actually a full frame lens for NEX? It could be E-mount

  10. “With a maximum aperture of F0.95, the Noktor Hyperprime is the fastest lens designed for Micro Four Thirds and E-mount cameras.”

  11. I think the green ring is rather fetching especially if it were coupled with a Pentax kr of the same colour. Noktor could supply screw-in coloured rings to satisfy a wide range of users: black for ‘stick-in-the-mud’ traditionalists; silver for the retro-crowd; brown for the environmentalists; pink for the Lady Gaga/Barbie Doll fans; yellow for ‘watch-the-birdie’ snappers and all the other colours for the Pentax fashion slaves. Yah! Lead the way Noktor!

  12. Hey Steve

    LeicaRumors was saying that “Leica M could be an option” so cross-fingers !

    I’m not a big fan of the nokton 1.1 ( bokeh a bit too harsh, very modern color look) so i’ll defintaly wait for this one

    Cheers, JB

    • I verified it is for a full frame sensor camera…and it is NOT NIkon or Canon. My guess says M all the way, but way do I know? I guess we will all see soon enough!

      • The lens has been modified to fit onto the M8 before but it still barely covers the frame. M9? No way…A Leica M mount is probably too complicated for them to handle anyway considering what they have to offer so far.

        • What is so hard about making a lens for a 35mm RF camera? The Russians made tons of those lenses in the 1950s that fit a 35mm frame.

  13. Very interesting, will be watching and waiting. Its a hard market out there in the 50mm range. Canon and Nikon have superb offerings, although Nikon kinda lags behind with its widest aperture 50mm of f/1.4. I would love to see a lens such as this appear with an M-Mount if the image quality was good and the price was right. Question is, how many Leica owners would fork out money for an extra fast 50mm that is not a Leica lens. Lets face it, your not going to sell your Summicron lens to buy something like this.

    Yes, get rid of the green front ring.

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