Random shots from my month on tour with Seal that were never posted!

Random Photographs from my month on tour with Seal that were never posted!

Let’s see. I’m a photographer and being away for a month on tour across Europe would mean that I most likely took LOADS of photos right? Well, yes and no. I did take quite a few photos but I tried to be selective most of the time πŸ™‚ I am not the type of shooter that machine guns it, especially when using a Leica M9. BUT there are a few photos from my month long journey that never made it to the blog so I decided to post a few that I liked here. This is a photography blog after all! The times I had during those 30 days are times I will never forget, and I am thrilled to have photos to remember it all πŸ™‚ Enjoy.


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  1. Dear Steve,

    Your pictures are so beautiful! They literally “pop up” from the screen and have a deep, intense sense of “life” inside.

    I’d say “excellent job”, but I ‘m pretty sure that this is more than a job for you: Is pure, simple passion.

    Thank you for the inspiration, suggestions and effort.


  2. The Human Touch. That’s what these images represent. Great images, great memories of the tour, catching its sweeter moments among what must have been some serious hard work on your part and that of Seal.

    Love the capture of Helene in the early morning or evening light…Love the B&W just below that images from the tour…And I can see what lovely moments were had on the tour…

    Here’s to hoping that the 2 of you pair up again in the future for more tour memories….

  3. The photo of your friend on her iPhone is fantastic (as are a number of the other ones); a lot of story possibilities with that one.

  4. Memories are what photography is all about. Thank you for sharing yours of Seal in Europe and in South America. You did what many others only can dream about.

  5. Thank you for sharing your memories with us again, Steve!
    Great photos as usual!
    I agree with Stephen B, and Seal through your photos seems very kind, focused and down to earth…

  6. Some really nice photos there Steve. If I can give a very personal view on photography of this sort I would say the following: It is really nice to get some context to the photographs, a short back story as to what led up to the photo, the situation etc to differentiate it from a snapshot. I know the adage of a picture is worth a thousand words and while I agree that is true in certain scenarios, in others, a short description makes the picture 1000 times more meaningful. For example and completely fictitiously: Second photo from the top (Seal staring into the camera) :”Having been told about a problem with the venue security Seal reacted swiftly and firmly, his carefree demeanour vanishing and suddenly I saw another side to Seal, one that does not give an inch.”

    Bottom picture: (Seal on the phone in front of his Mac): “The ideas most people have of professional musicians is one of Rock and Roll, late nights and reckless abandon. While this is not entirely untrue, what is missed is that to maintain a career like Seal has over decades requires a sharp, business focussed mind that is on top of all aspects of the process. Taken late one evening, in between shows.”

    • Not sure if you saw his posts throughout the Seal tour but in those he gave some insight to his journey. Theses were simply titled random shots. Either way it’s up to the photog to explain his work or not. Your faux stories kinda cheapened his work if you want the honest truth.

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