Daily Inspiration #251 by Jason Howe

Hi Steve

This is my second submission, hopefully I’m not being greedy…..thanks for taking the time to look.

I first stumbled upon your site several months ago, at the time I owned a Nikon D300s and a Leica D-Lux 4 which I carried around most of the time, great images from a quality compact. Within a couple of weeks of reading posts and learning so much I was also the proud owner of a Yashica Electro 35 GSN, the first Rangefinder I had ever owned, this was followed quickly by a couple of FED’s (2 &3), film was new to me and I have grown to love it as much as digital. Then to my wife’s dismay a Fuji X100 arrived in the post…….words to the effect of “how many cameras can you possibly need!!” were uttered……in truth I couldn’t answer the question. The fuji in particular has really opened my eyes to Street Photography and whilst I live in a relatively small New Zealand city I am slowly getting to grips with all it entails. Last week I added a Leica M9 and 35mm Summicron to my collection, delivery is awaited and I just can’t wait to get my hands on it.

I’ve attached some recent images, all taken locally in the Bay of Plenty with the X100 I hope you find them pleasing




PS. Your website just gets better, I’m sure like many people its the first thing I look at in morning with my coffee!!!


  1. Great stuff, I’m an Aucklander who frequents this site. I have the X100 as well but find the focus a bit slow, the new firmware is an improvement. Where did you source your M9 kit from?

    • Hi Jason

      I guess your talking about the manual focus on the X100, which is its weakest link in most peoples opinion I reckon. Hopefully it will continue to improve with Firmware. I’m from the UK living in New Zealand, my gear comes from there and the States in the main. NZ too expensive unfortunately!!!!!



  2. Hi all

    Well sod’s law dictated I would be away for the weekend when my shots made the Daily Inspiration……never mind!!

    Firstly, thanks to all who have passed comment for you kind and encouraging words, they are greatly appreciated.

    I’d like to echo the comments of Simon, what a superb site this is for like minded individuals, I’ve lost count of the number of images I’ve enjoyed whilst viewing the Daily Inspiration along with Steve’s personal posts. Long may it continue.



  3. I love the subjects your are capturing, I have not seen much street work from New Zealand and just love the images so far. Keep them coming you have a unique opportunity to capture a region very few ever have the chance to see. Sharing your work of the people around you is a great gift for all of us who live across the globe.

    That is one of the things I appreciate most about your site Steve, it gives so many of us the opportunity to share what we experience with other like minded people from so many regions of this planet. What a fantastic community we are all creating, I am very grateful.

    Now I just need to submit some of my own work ….

    Thanks everybody

  4. Really great ones, wow! #1 is art in every respect with 3D look. His face comes out of my monitor. Would like to see more from you.

    • Hey Tobin

      I have not yet settled on what I would describe as a workflow……images are being processed in Aperture 3, Lightroom and Nik CC trial version.



  5. very nice images, quite amazing characters you have captured here. NZ has some interesting people that is for sure!

  6. The first photo is a striking image, hits you right between the eyes! I too use the X100 for my street photography, it’s a great camera. My budget however doesn’t yet allow an M9 🙁

  7. Stunning portraits, love the black and White conversions. And yeah, I’m reading this with my morning coffee 🙂

  8. Beautiful captures, the first one is very cool & dramatic!! Thanks for sharing and keep ’em coming!
    Richard Nguyen

    • Thanks Clyde.

      Anyone who’s married will know that whilst she agreed I will be paying in many ways for a long time……….

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