Weekend Used Deals! Leica M6 Mania! 

Was just checking out the used gear at B&H Photo and they have quite a few nice Leica M6 cameras for sale right now. These come and go but it has been a few months since they had any. There are now 4-5 on the site so I figured I would let you guys know in case you are looking for a used Leica M6!

Here is a silver M6 TTL, in box, 8+ – $1599

How about a black M6 TTL, in box, 8+ – $1599

They also have TWO M6 classics in black, on is HERE and the other is HERE.

and here is one with a busted meter


Saturday is always one of the days that B&H seem to release stock on their website. Here is some stuff you may be interested in:

White Olympus E-P3 and 14-42 kit zoom – IN STOCK

Silver Olympus E-P3 with 17mm – IN STOCK

Black Olympus E-P3 with kit zoom – IN STOCK!


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  1. Why not consider a used Contax G2 with a 45mm Zeiss? I think it a much more modern camera at the fraction of the cost compare to M6 body only. Have you ever Steve done any reviews of these wonderful cameras? How cool would it be to see an introduction of Contax G3 this a full frame digital from Kyosera sensor and updated Zeiss glass to the collection just to compete with Leica in digital RF market. What do you think Steve?

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